Credit card data is being sold on online black markets, and a single site had almost $400 million worth of financial data. On the darknet, a secret part of the internet that is unavailable via regular search engines and requires the use of specialist software like Tor, there are "card shops," password-protected online marketplaces for hacked bank data. You can buy a credit card in these card shops, in these card shops. One such site is bankomat cc.

So, What is Bankomat Anyway?

In case you were wondering, what Bankomat is? Well, it’s your opportunity to get credit cards easier and faster. You don’t even have to go through a bank to get them! How is this possible? Well, you can buy them. Millions of sites on the dark web sell them, and happens to be one of them. Now, you can have your very own credit card with a high spending limit at your disposal!

How Does Bankomat Work?

So now that you know just how easy it is to get a credit card through Bankomat, you need to understand exactly how to use it! For starters, since you have to access the darknet, it’s best to keep a low profile. You can do this by using a TOR browser.

Don’t use the TOR browser if you’re using the regular net. You could end up on the radar of law enforcement if you do.

Make sure you turn off JavaScript before you go to Bankomat’s website. This will make it harder for the authorities to track you!

You’ll need a bankomat login to access the site. Once you’re on the site, you can browse through millions of credit cards from all legitimate institutions that issue credit cards on this planet. Pick the credit cards that you want to buy and make an online transaction. It’s that easy and simple.

Keep in Mind

You need to keep your online identity as anonymous as possible when you’re on Bankomat’s site. The darknet is where unsavoury people lurk. That’s why law enforcement scrutinises all activity and transactions on the darknet. You can remain obscure by not engaging in any normal net activities on darknet websites. This means not surfing Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites.

Also, make sure that you always use a secure operating system. Criminals and other unsavoury people will have a harder time finding you if you do. Use a VPN. This will keep your identity and activities completely hidden from prying eyes on the darknet.

You can Have Your Pick.

So, are you familiar with the old nursery rhyme of the cat who had his pick with mice? Well, now you can choose which credit cards you want and when you want them. You can also decide how much you want to pay for them. All you have to do is use Bankomat.