Modern businesses demand smarter solutions, and one such solution is that of a knowledge base that can help in knowledge management & sharing. It is a collection of customer answers, knowledge articles, product lessons, and frequently asked questions. You can also make it a self-service platform that resolves customer concerns. Your customers are more likely to stick around and drive productivity if they have extensive knowledge to satiate their queries.

When providing consumers with product information, solutions, and instructions, you may employ this cloud-based help desk service. Use Document360 for product documentation organized in a hierarchical structure, allowing your team members to create subcategories that address user concerns.

Document360 can be your best investment as a knowledge base software in terms of the benefits it unlocks at reasonable pricing. This post will cover how Document360 can help create an excellent self-service knowledge base for your customers and employees. You have the option to create public or private knowledge bases. Let us review some of its features and understand if it is worth your investment.

Document360 Top Features That Add Value to Your Business

Document360 is a web-based software that runs on any platform and can be accessed from mobile phones and tablets. Regardless of your business size, adopting SaaS has advantages, especially on the marketing front. Empower your business with a highly customizable knowledge base with Document360 as it allows greater control of elements of branding without compromising on usability.

Choose Document360 to create knowledge base pages as it allows you to upload documents and other multimedia files. This post will review some of the key features that you can leverage by signing up for Document360. Also, we will wrap up with Document360 pricing and whether or not your business can benefit by adopting such a tool.

Markdown Editor

This is one of the most distinctive features of Document360. You have a text-to-HTML editor

that is simple to use and won't require any coding knowledge. Use this knowledge base feature that enables your authors to quickly modify content, add photos, videos, tables, callouts, attach files, and do much more without any coding.

It comes with Scroll Sync as well which provides a live preview window. This preview window has scroll bars linked to the editor panel's scroll bars, making it easier to keep a close eye on the output as you write.

The preview window lets you see how your text will appear on the final published page as you write. This is why you don't need to publish the article to view the finished output.

Category Management

It is easy to edit, create, and manage categories and subcategories using Document360. You can add articles to a certain category while using its ‘drag and drop’ feature to reorder them. Also, you can control the user accessibility of the category allowing certain users to access specific categories.

Private And Public Knowledge Bases

You can make the knowledge base private or public with a single click. This means creating a different set of knowledge bases for employees and customers. It is possible to do so by defining access control for different user bases, allowing greater control over who has access to what level of information.


As soon as you install Document360, you'll have access to a wealth of knowledge base metrics. These metrics include reading time, in-page navigation, readers' demographics, and others to gauge your content effectiveness. Also, you have author performance metrics that provide you leading authors, leading articles, leading categories, amongst others.

Team Management

Depending on team members' responsibilities and projects, it is simple to add, remove team, and redefine members' rights in a Document360 project.

For instance, you can give editing rights to some while only reviewing rights to others and writing control to original authors. If authors get done with their tasks, you can remove them from the project. Such an arrangement provides an added layer of protection as you have clearly defined rights for each document while minimizing communication needs.

What can be improved?

It is almost impossible to have a perfect solution. And the same can be said about Document360. Here are some of the areas where Document360 needs some improvement to add more value to your investment.

Lack of Mobile App

The solution is limited to a web solution. You can rely solely on your mobile devices to create or manage a knowledge base. While you can access Document360 in a mobile device web browser, the user interface and overall experience are not up to the mark over there.

Social Media Support

As a user, you’d appreciate it if a brand could let you monitor your social media mentions via dedicated support. For instance, imagine customers can directly reach out to the Document360 team over social media, and dedicated support staff may send them straight to the relevant articles in the knowledge base. Such functionality simplifies navigating the Document360 knowledge base, saving crucial time for social-media-savvy customers.

Price Plans

If you are looking for a knowledge base software bang for your buck, Document360 can end your search. Given its multiple price bands, you can choose the best package for your business needs. Let us check out these packages to ensure picking the right option.

Startup Plan: This one comes at $99 per month for each project. You get two Team Accounts and up to 50 GB of Storage. The downside is that you cannot opt for a private knowledge base with this package. If that is not your immediate requirement, you can leverage article templates, unlimited articles and revisions, and tag management amongst other offerings that this basic package offers.

Business Plan: You will pay $299 per project per month and get ten team accounts. Get everything from the startup plan and unlock access to analytics, import from MS Word, backup and restore, and API access, along with other useful features. You will get two knowledge base versions with this plan. It is a highly effective plan for small to midsize businesses looking to expand their knowledge base content.

Enterprise Plan: One of their premium plans is tailored for large businesses and enterprises at $499 a month per project. You get 15 team accounts and everything from the business plan. Plus, you have access to language localization, IP restriction, ticket deflector, and creating security groups and roles with this plan.

Note: You also can go to an enterprise plus plan that is completely customized to fit your business needs.


You can build a highly user-friendly knowledge base without relying on coding experts. This one is worth an investment given its ease-of-creating knowledge base for your intended audience. Document360 is a great option for businesses looking to integrate third-party tools coupled with Markdown editor and WYSIWYG editor for documentation.

Leverage the wide features offered by Document360 as they offer true value for money at given price points. While the prices are not competitive to make you go for this one, the set of features and easy usage is where you save your resources time. Not to mention, it cuts your support tickets as users can opt for self-help initially rather than asking for dedicated customer care support.

Your team can use Document360 to write articles, define and manage categories, tailor designs for branding purposes and ensure content security. Moreover, you have the power of sophisticated analytics that helps assess user involvement and improve the knowledge base.