Law is an important field and nowadays, the trend of students adopting law as a profession is rising. A few years ago, students preferred to go for medical or engineering. However, the trend has changed, and more students are moving towards law.

This is because of the great value this field has and the services a lawyer provides. Many top San Diego employment lawyer helps companies in San Diego with legal issues. Similarly, lawyers throughout the world help innocent people.

Why Students Choose Law

It is the dream of every student to perform the best as per their capabilities. However, not everyone can make it to the top. Students want to do something productive in their lives. They go for the things that make them feel happy. Keeping in view the injustice in the world, now the students want to help the suppressed people.

Thus, the trend is changing and more people are moving towards the law because they find satisfaction in serving businesses. If your company is searching for a California labour lawyer, search Google for employer attorneys near me to protect your company.

Variety of Branches

Law is a field that is not confined to a particular task. You can choose the branch of law as per your interest and temperament. There are three major branches of law. This article will explain these three branches and how they stand different from each other. Let's dig into these branches.


Civil law is the oldest branch of law. It deals with matters of civic importance. In civil law cases, one party is the plaintiff or Petitioner while the other is the defendant. Most of the time, the defendant's party is the state.

This branch addresses matters related to property, family affairs, and public importance. A civil lawyer takes the stand for the parties and provides legal assistance to the party.


Criminal law deals with crimes. It states the elements of the crime and specifies the punishments of these crimes. It helps in maintaining the peace and smooth flow of society. Most of the time, the case is held between two persons in criminal cases.

Whenever an individual breaches certain limits, he commits an offence. Thus, the courts conduct the necessary proceedings to punish offenders for the crime he has committed. It is of great importance as it removes crime from society. People stay away from crime due to the fear of punishment and criminal law inculcates this fear in people's minds.


Taxation law or corporate law is the third branch of law. This branch is the most preferred branch of law by students. This is because it is a high-paying branch and the technicalities of the work are less as compared to civil and criminal laws.

Other than this, the court's proceedings and legal representation are easier than the other two branches. This branch of law deals with the companies and organizations that make partnerships. Moreover, it specifies the rules and regulations of dealing with other parties.

Final Thoughts

Law has become the choice of maximum students. Law helps the people from harm and deals with the offenders. Thus, to avoid injustice and provide peace to society, many students now prefer to choose law as their profession.