Inflatable Arch
When you’re organizing an event for your brand or charity, you want to ensure that you leave a lasting impression on your audience and help make the event memorable and enjoyable. Inflatable arches are a great way of achieving this. Giant inflatables are a surefire way to create a fun and exciting atmosphere at any event, so why not choose an inflatable arch to promote your brand and ensure people remember your name? Here are a few things to consider when designing your new inflatable arch.

Why choose an inflatable arch?

You might choose to add an inflatable arch to your event for many reasons. These arches are a great way to promote your brand and can be used as a marketing tool. You can guarantee that your company or charity will be remembered if you add it to a giant inflatable! You could also choose an inflatable arch so that your customers can locate you more quickly at an event or at a festival. With arches available in all different colors, shapes, and sizes, you can design an inflatable to help your customers identify your brand with just a quick glance and stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression with potential customers.

What kind of events can they be used for?

Inflatable arches are a great addition to any event, whether that's to promote your business or a charity or used to mark the starting point of a race. Companies like Perth Bouncy Castle Hire usually offer a wide range of inflatable arches, ensuring that event organizers can find the perfect design to suit their branding and needs, whether it's for a local community race, a large-scale festival, or a corporate promotional event. These arches can be designed to suit your brand. With a variety of designs and the ability to create your own bespoke arch, if necessary, you can make sure that your event is noticed. Arches are a good way of marking the start or end of a race, they can be used at sporting events, festivals and can be used at outdoor and indoor venues.

Air or fan?

There are two types of inflatable arch that you could choose when going through the design process. The first is a PVC arch. With this type of inflatable, you simply fill it with air and leave it to stand proudly wherever you need it. They are easy to transport and are a simple way of displaying your brand or company's name loud and proud. The second type of arch you could choose during the design process is a nylon arch – this requires a fan to blow air inside it constantly and is recommended for ease of use, size, and speed of inflation so that you don’t have to take up your time at an event by making sure your arch is inflated properly!


When you’re designing your inflatable arch, you should make sure that you choose a color or design that goes hand in hand with your brand identity. Inflatable arches are a fantastic way to promote your company or charity and is a way of getting your name out there. You can make it as bold and vibrant as you want, the more over the top, the better and if you can think it, it can almost certainly be brought to life. You can add logos to your arch or additional inflatables to add that wow factor. Create something your audience will be excited about or stay with them when the event is over.


Creating your perfect inflatable arch means that your brand should be recognisable from a simple glance. Identity is key, and with a range of different arches available, you can choose something that represents your brand perfectly. Choose contrasting colours so that your name is front and centre, add logos or even a motto or recognisable strapline that your company uses. These inflatable arches are a great way of making sure your brand stands out and that your customers can recognise you in a crowd. A large, colourful, and well-designed inflatable arch can help you do achieve this.