The all-time favourite of most people is classic blue jeans. But, all they want is to couple it with a top. So, what's the winning formula? It is easy to combine tops with jeans. Whether it's summers or winters, there's something for every season.

On top of that, the pair is always convenient and comfortable. Looking for some versatile, elegant, yet chic combinations? Start with The Jaxon Shirred Popover and select jeans. Don't forget to embellish with shoes and the right accessories. Coupling a top with jeans is perfect for summer. However, it can be hard to choose the type. Here are some stylish and comfortable combinations for women.

Thick tank top

Denim jeans go great with tank tops. Especially if the jeans are blue, it gets more stylish. It looks cool and chic, and add some chunky jewellery. Keep the makeup nude. That suits. Also, monochromatic outfits are trendy.

White shirt
Here's a classic look. Want to be a boss lady? Pair a white crop shirt with ripped jeans. Then, hang out with friends or go shopping. Look cool all day with a simple bag and white sneakers. Instead of a shirt, one can even try The Jaxon Shirred Popover.

Thick strapped tank top

The thick straps of this top cover the shoulders. The neck is either scoop or v. Also, these come under the fashionable tank tops category. Pair them with dainty jewellery and boyfriend jeans.

Offshoulder cotton tops

Want to enjoy these summers but stay cool? Go for denim jeans with off-shoulder tops. Also, white is something everyone loves wearing when it's blazing outside. Instead of jeans, one may wear denim shorts. Finally, choose a Tote bag and sunglasses, and it's done!

Puffy blouse top

Bright and bold puff sleeves top look stunning with jeans. Or one can go for a white princess cut. Is there a lover of print and colour here? Then, clash the loudest pieces to perfection. It becomes a 90s style outfit with blue denim for an everyday look.

Other tips on tops with jeans

  • Jeans go well with an elegant silk blouse. Pair it with heels and become a sensation.
  • A walk-in, sequined top with stilettos is a great idea. Be a star of a summer party!
  • The top style also depends on the body type. First, find out if it's hourglass, apple-shaped, or pear-shaped. Then, choose the styling and sleeves accordingly.
  • One of the most stylish tops to wear with jeans is a wrap top. It looks chick and accentuates the appearance in a feminine way.
  • Another timeless outfit is jeans with lace tops. Wear it to a dinner, date, girls' night out, or a lavish party. That becomes a signature statement.


One may want to experience various kinds of jeans and tops combinations. However, whenever stuck, the guide above can help. The Jaxon Shirred Popover is the ultimate choice of fashion experts. So stay pulled out of the chaos of confusion and appear classy every time!