A silent disco is an event that's been gaining popularity pretty quickly over the last few years. These silent events are events where people can dance and listen to music through wireless headphones. The majority of these events have two to three active listening channels. Sometimes, three live disc jockeys (DJs) play three different music genres to suit everyone at the party's tastes. Other times, it's three different channels playing different music over the radio frequency instead of a live DJ. Nevertheless, the purpose of these parties is to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the event without feeling excluded because they don't want the same music as the other partygoers.

In addition, one of the main reasons these discos even started was to also cut down the noise volume for parties so the event can keep going without disturbing neighbouring people who aren't participating. Not to mention, some of the appeals is that partygoers who want to take a break from the dancing can remove their headphones and have a conversation without needing to shout over the music or leave the venue.

So, we know what silent events are and why they're appealing. But what's it like to actually go to one? Today, we'll explore silent discos and what it's like to participate in a silent party so you can decide whether to call your local silent disco Austin rental company or anywhere else. Let's get started.

How did silent discos begin?

Silent parties started because of the Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom (UK). This music festival has been a time-honoured tradition in England. However, in 1994, the Glastonbury Festival faced a conundrum. The neighbouring locals had issued noise complaints about the Festival's noise level, and the city hosting enforced the issue. So, the Festival needed to find a solution to still host the music without disturbing anyone. Therefore, they came up with the idea of using silent headphones to enjoy the music without needing to blast it over large speakers.

Since this solution, the silent disco has gained popularity, making appearances across the media in TV shows, live events, and more. Although, these events didn't achieve their fame until recently. Today, silent events are popping up everywhere, from clubs that exclusively host silent parties to silent disco rentals for house parties.

What's it like to go to a silent disco?

With all the information on silent events, we can finally dive into what it's like to go to one. The first thing you may notice is that the term "silent" is used pretty loosely. That's right. Silent events aren't as quiet as you may have imagined. However, it's not the music that's loud. It's the chatter. You'll find the venue is packed with various people having their own conversations with their headphones in hand or around their necks. But once you get your wireless headphones and don them, all the chit-chat will fade away, and you're left with nothing but the music you came to enjoy.

The next thing you'll probably see is people congregating into little mini-parties or groups. It's not something everyone does intentionally to exclude anyone. It just usually happens as people listening to one channel group together to dance to the same music or a group of friends that came together choose to stick together for the duration of the party.

Finally, don't be afraid to explore the various channels on your headset. Not only does this make it more fun by seeing what everyone else is listening to, but it also keeps the party interesting and exciting instead of listening to the same stuff all night.

Try a silent event for yourself.

Now that you understand silent events and what they're like to attend, the only thing left to do is try it yourself. There's no shortage of rental companies or clubs that offer silent parties, so go out and give it a try.