Top Destinations

Undoubtedly - the food is much tastier if it is eaten in the fresh air. Therefore, as soon as the first warm days come, many begin to get out on picnics. If you have already managed to visit all the picturesque corners of your city, we have prepared this list of places just for you!

Every state has endless spaces for your perfect spring picnic. Take warm blankets, warm drinks, delicious food, get in the car, choose a new destination point and go on a fun and delicious adventure!

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Point Reyes National Seashore, California

Point Reyes National Seashore is a picnic paradise! You can first take a walk and enjoy the local landscapes (and there is something to see and where to take new beautiful photos for your albums), and then lay the blanket on the ground and have lunch with spectacular views.

Glacier Point, California

This place will impress even the most experienced travelers! Moreover, at some point it may even seem that you are not in America at all. The local beauty will definitely take your breath away. Glacier Point is highly recommended for everyone!

Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park, Maine

Have you ever been on a picnic in the woods? If not, be sure to choose this location. Here you can walk and breathe fresh air, watch the birds, and after working up an appetite, choose a beautiful lawn for your picnic.

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

In addition to the mesmerizing views for your picnic, this place is attractive because here you can also ride a bike, go hiking, etc. And in the warm season - there are many different options for water activities.

Mission Dolores Park, California

Mission Dolores Park is very popular among picnic lovers, so you will definitely not be alone here. In addition to a large green lawn, there are many interesting ideas for family entertainment: tennis, basketball, football, various playgrounds, etc.  

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Arizona is full of amazing picnic spots, however, nothing is more impressive than the Grand Canyon. There are a huge number of tourist spots that are really breathtaking! Choose the place with the best view and create an incredible atmosphere for your picnic.

Devil’s Den State Park, Arkansas

This park has everything to spend an interesting day with your family: special picnic areas with a grill, a waterfall, a lake, horseback riding, cafes and shops. If you think that one day is not enough for you to fully enjoy this park, you can stay overnight at a local campsite.

The Maroon Bells, Elk Mountains, Colorado

Do you want a picnic at a postcard spot? Then this option is for you! This place is the most popular for photography in the entire state. There are beautiful outdoor picnic areas, even for very large companies. If you decide to stay overnight, don't forget to bring tents.

Hammonasset Beach State Park, Connecticut

Hammonasset Beach State Park is located on a small plot of land near the Long Island Sound. Here you can find both outdoor and indoor picnic areas with all the necessary amenities.  

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, Colorado

This destination is known for hosting various concerts and music festivals. However, on other days it is great for picnics with spectacular views.

Rolater Park, Georgia

A pond, caves, mineral water springs – there is everything to spend a good day. If you want an outdoor picnic - choose a lawn, if you want a picnic under a roof - choose a special pavilion.

Kualoa Beach Park, Hawaii

If you are ready to go a little further, then we definitely recommend you to pay attention to this idea. This beach is surrounded by beautiful cliffs and mountains and is very close to the famous nature reserve where the movie Jurassic World was filmed.