Chemistry is one of the most dreaded subjects of school and college students. Its experimental part is crucial in determining the marks scored by the student. Also, this subject is something you can't mug up or learn through shortcuts or just simple memorizing because most concepts are highly abstract in nature.

No matter how difficult it sounds, there are resources (free or paid) to help you become better in chemistry. We've collected some of the online resources that provide chemistry homework help and related resources online.

Paid chemistry homework help

It's not uncommon for students to seek paid help with their chemistry homework online. After all, chemistry is a challenging subject that can be difficult to master. But before you ask for chemistry help, you should consider a few things. This section will discuss some of the most important factors to keep in mind.

1. Who is offering the help?

Not all sites that offer chemistry assignment help are created equal. Before you settle on one, do your research and make sure it's reputable. You'll want to ask yourself questions like: What kind of experience does this site have? Has the company helped many others with their chemistry homework? Have previous customers had success with their assistance? If you can't find any information about the company, it might be wise to look elsewhere.

2. How much does it cost?

It's not uncommon for sites offering chemistry help to have steep prices. But you'll want to make sure that this is money well spent. Will you receive timely service or will your homework take weeks to complete? Does the company offer unlimited revisions on your assignment? Is there a satisfaction guarantee? These are all crucial factors - so don't leave them out of your decision-making process!

3. What kind of support do they offer?

Having access to free support is extremely important when you're trying to solve complex chemistry problems. After all, everyone needs a little extra help now and then. And if you can't get in touch with someone at your homework site, what's the point of paying for assistance? Look for chemistry assignment help sites that offer free support via email, live chat, or even phone - that way, you'll be able to get the assistance you need whenever you need it.

4. Is it clear how the company grades assignments?

The last thing anyone wants is to hand in their best work only to receive a poor grade! Before settling on one service over another, they clearly explain how they grade assignments, including any extra fees or services (like proofreading). If their approach isn't clear right from the start, this could mean trouble further down the line.

5. What kinds of assignments can this service handle?

Before you pay for any type of chemistry homework help, make sure that the site you choose is able to take on the specific assignment in question. If they don't specialize in your subject (or if your teacher uses a custom curriculum), it might be best to keep looking. Luckily, there are homework services out there that cater exclusively to college and high school students.

So before making a final decision about where to turn when you need chemistry help, consider these factors. The right homework service can make all the difference in how quickly and easily you receive top-notch assistance with your coursework.

Free Chemistry Homework Help Websites

Chemistry Homework Help

In addition to paid chemistry help resources, there are other websites and forums where chemistry students can find free online help for their assignments. Below, we've listed some of the most prominent places where students can go for homework help.
  • Khan Academy: If you're a visual learner, it doesn't get much better than the Khan Academy. On this website, students have access to thousands of comprehensive tutorials that cover all kinds of subjects - including chemistry. You may also be able to find someone on the site who's willing to answer your questions for free!
  • Socratic by Google: This is another helpful free online learning platform where students can find live help with their chemistry homework. When you sign up for an account, you'll be able to connect directly with subject matter experts and ask them any questions that come up while completing your assignments.
  • Wikihow: Although the Wikihow community hasn't developed its own set of chemistry lessons (yet), some useful chemistry-related articles are still on this website. If you want to learn the basics about a specific topic, like chemical interactions or how to balance an equation, this is one of your best bets.
  • YouTube: While it may not be as helpful as other resources on our list, YouTube is another place where students can watch chemistry tutorials and connect with subject matter experts - all for free! You just need to do a little searching before you find what you're looking for.
  • Reddit Groups: The social news site Reddit has several communities where chemistry students can discuss their homework assignments and get answers from fellow chemists around the world. To find some of these subreddits, visit Reddit, search some chem related terms and see a whole lot of groups popup where you can ask questions and get answers.
  • Quora: If you have questions about chemistry or need some help with your homework assignments, Quora's are a great place to start. To get answers, just search "chemistry" in the search bar at the bottom of any page on this site. Quora is the best place to ask science-related questions and receive detailed answers. While there are no guarantees that you can find all of the information you need on Quora, it's likely one of the first places you should go if you need help with your assignments.
  • Google Scholar: After conducting a few quick searches, students might be surprised that their Google scholar results are automatically populated with scientific papers instead of homework resources - but it's definitely worth checking out! You can find peer-reviewed research papers which may provide insight into your assignment.
These are some of the popular websites where you can learn chemistry and be able to complete your assignments. You can also perform a google search of the chemistry homework questions and see what results you get.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who struggles with the subject of chemistry should check out this list. There are many places to find free help for your assignments, including Khan Academy, Socratic by Google and YouTube - just do a google search or visit one of these sites if you need assistance!

Would you go for paid or free chemistry online assignment help?

Please leave comments below on which resource helped you the most in completing your college chem homework assignments!