Escape Rooms In New York

Planning for some great activities to do this weekend in New York City? Try escape rooms. New York is best known for its adventurous and fast-paced lifestyle. And in keeping with the zest and never-ending spirits, the city also has some of the best escape rooms in store for adventure-lovers. From thriller to horror to cinematic, these diversely themed escape rooms are the perfect activity for people of any age.

Still thinking of why you should go for an escape room? Escape rooms are thematic rooms that are specially designed to challenge your critical thinking and creativity in an exciting way. You can experiment with different themes, setups, and interiors according to your convenience. Some games can be a bit too expensive in New York City, especially the ones that cater to huge groups. But brands such as Clue Chase Escape Room ensure that you get maximum enjoyment with fewer burdens on your pocket.

Top Escape Rooms in New York

Here’s a list of the top 5 escape rooms in New York that will blow your mind:


  • Average Cost: $28/person
  • Number of Games Offered: 4 games
  • Group Size: 2-33 people
  • Age Requirement: Players above the age of 12 can play independently.
Brainxcape was established in 2016 with a vision to create the best escape room in town. The owners left Paris and headed to New York to build their dream escape brand. The main motive of Brainxcape is to provide immersive mystery experiences to players and challenge their wits. With challenging puzzles, mysteries, and challenges, this escape brand has gained a reputation in the Big Apple as one of the city’s finest. It has also been recognized with the 2019 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence. The Haunted Hotel and Rikers 1932 are two of its most popular games.

The Escape Game

Average Cost: $30/person
Number of Games Offered: 8 games
Group Size: 1-70 people
Age Requirement: Players above the age of 15 can play independently.

This brand specializes in offering customized escape experiences according to the skill levels of each team. The co-founders played hundreds of escape rooms across 15 different countries to develop the ultimate escape room experience at this place.

With an in-house creative team, dedicated designers, prop experts, robotic engineers, and scenic artists, The Escape Game offers finely curated escape rooms that feature intricate storylines.

The games’ difficulty is tweaked continuously based on the team’s performance. The Escape Game is one of the most reputed escape room brands in the country and has over a dozen locations across the states.

Clue Chase

  • Average Cost: $29/person
  • Number of Games Offered: 7 games
  • Group Size: 1-70 people
  • Age Requirement: Players above the age of 16 can play independently. Players above the age of 10 have to be accompanied by an adult for playing the game.

This is an award-winning escape room company that offers custom props and immersive sets in each of its experiences. Owned by David C, Clue Chase Escape Room was founded in November 2015. The brand focuses on providing a unique adventure to fun-seekers through a series of unconventional puzzles, clues, and artifacts. Designed with immersive ambiance and a cohesive storyline, these escape rooms are technology-driven, giving the maximum immersive experience to players.

In addition to the rooms, there are also Clue Chase labs that come with an underground time travel facility. Clue Chase also offers pop-up events across Manhattan to bring the escape room experience closer to people.

Mission Escape Games

  • Average Cost: $33/person
  • Number of Games Offered: 2 games
  • Group Size: 2-16 people
  • Age Requirement: Players above the age of 18 can play independently.

Established in 2014, Mission Escape Games is one of the premier escape room brands in the city. It offers creative puzzles and brainteasing clues that will push the players to think out-of-the-box. With hi-tech equipment, the rooms offer the players an unmatched immersive experience. Following its immense success in New York, the brand has opened up locations across the country.

Mission Escape Games has received several awards and accolades for its excellent escape rooms, including the 2015 Golden Lock-in Award, Best Escape Rooms in CBS News, TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2016/2017, and Top Escape Rooms in NYC on Escape Rumor. The brand has also featured in Newsweek and Time.

Escape Room Madness

  • Average Cost: $36/person
  • Number of Games Offered: 3 games
  • Group Size: 2-30 people
  • Age Requirement: Players above the age of 18 can play independently. Players above the age of 10 have to be accompanied by adults to play the game.
Established in 2017 by Jony K. Jony, this brand was created with a vision to provide unique, entertaining, and thrilling escape experiences. The escape rooms here are designed by engineers, designers, and mathematicians to ensure every game leaves you awe-struck and filled with excitement. This brand is one of the largest escape companies in New York City, with several recognitions in the bag, including the 2019 certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor.

Have you visited these amazing escape rooms? If you have more to add to this, share your suggestions with us!