Camping Gear
Not only are bugs a nuisance when you are camping, but even when your camping gear is stored at home or at your campsite, they can still find a way to infest. While keeping bugs out of your camping gear might seem like a difficult task, it is very simple to do, as there are many different methods you can use. Continue reading to learn more.

Keep Them Out of Your Home

If you are concerned about your camping gear being infested by bugs while it is stored at home, there is one great step you can take to prevent bugs from getting access. If your camping gear is in your home or your garage, the steps to prevention are virtually the same. First, and most importantly, thoroughly inspect your home and garage on the interior, as well as the exterior. Pay attention to any small gaps or holes along the foundation, in the siding, in the shingles and along with your attic or the roofline. Once you have examined your home and garage, you will have a great idea of how easily bugs can gain access to your home.

Depending on the issues you found, most of them can likely be quickly repaired by you. In most common cases, the all-weather sealant is a great ally, as is aluminum sheeting or new shingles and siding. Once you have taken care of sealing up your building, you can rest assured that bugs will not be getting in any more.

Hire a Professional

If you are having serious insect problems at your home, in your garage, or anywhere else, a great way to take care of this problem is to consult an expert. If you are looking for help from a pest removal company with years of experience, reach out to a professional at Not only do pest removal companies have the ability to remove and prevent insect infestations, but they also provide cleanup and sanitation services, pest exclusion services, and a variety of other services that are vital to keeping pests away.

Seal It Off

This method of keeping insects out of your gear works equally well at home as it does at the campsite. The surefire way to keep insects out of your gear is to seal your gear off from the outside world. There are many different ways you can do this. Many people elect to use a garbage bag and tie it off. Many people purchase specially-made bags that tightly cling to your gear. Many people throw their gear in totes and close the lid. These are all effective ways to keep moths, beetles, flies, and other insects out of your gear.

Keep Food Scents Away

One definite way to attract unwanted attention from a variety of insects is to have your gear smelling like food. This can also mean that any small leftovers or remnants of food on any bit of your gear can lead to the entire set of gear being infested. This is particularly important when you are at the campsite, as flies and gnats will absolutely swarm anything that has food leftovers on it. Not only is this unsightly, but the flies will leave contaminants all over your other gear as well.

Essential Oils

One favorite method of keeping insects out of gear when it is being stored is to load it up with a scent that insects hate. One of the best essential oils for this purpose is lavender, as many insects cannot stand the smell of it. A great way to use lavender is to make water and lavender oil solution put it in a spray bottle, and spray it all around and on your gear. This scent may have to be reapplied occasionally, but it can prove very effective against a multitude of bugs.