Are you planning a whitewater rafting trip? Do you love to go wake surfing tips or wakeboarding on the weekends? If water sports are your go-to choice for a fun activity, then you're probably wondering about the best clothes to wear for partaking in these activities. Whether you're spending time at the beach, your local lake, or a river, your adventure requires the right gear. You'll want clothes that allow you to stay warm and allow for some flexibility to help you feel confident in the water. Learn how to dress for different water sports activities through this guide.

Wear clothes that protect you from the sun.

When it comes to any outdoor activity, you'll want to wear clothes that protect you from the sun. You'll want to ensure that you're watching your skin from sun damage while you're outside. For example, if you're planning on partaking in white water rafting in Utah, you'll be exposed to a lot of suns. In Moab's Colorado River in Southern Utah, you may be white water rafting in 100-degree temperatures in the summertime. A river rafting Utah vacation allows you and your whole family to enjoy incredible scenery and diverse landscapes in the Moab area.

Make sure to dress in layers.

Regardless of whether you're taking part in low-impact activities or medium-impact activities in the water, you'll want to dress in layers. Tanktop bras are an excellent choice for a base layer. A lightweight moisture-wicking shelf bra from Soma is versatile and can be worn for colder weather or alone during the warmer months. You must always wear layers on top for water sports in case you'll need to change out of your clothes. Make sure to choose tops that allow you to move freely and handle rough water sports' wear and tear. Flexibility is a must!

Avoid wearing cotton.

Avoid wearing cotton

While cotton is a great fabric for any other occasion, there are better choices for water sports. This is simply because the material is too water-absorbent. Instead of wicking moisture or repelling it, you'll find that the material will get soaked while taking part in water-related activities. You'll want fabrics that dry quickly instead. Wet cotton fabric will feel heavy and is often difficult to move around. Make sure to consider whether you'll need the fabric to keep you warm or cool as well.

Dress according to the water temperature.

Oftentimes, when you get dressed, you dress following the air temperature. But when you're partaking in water activities, you'll also want to consider the water temperature. This is especially true if your chosen activity will cause you to get drenched. For example, white and river rafting involves riding through choppy water. You'll find that your boat may be traveling across rough waters, so you will get wet. The temperature of the water typically differs greatly from the air temperature. You might find that it's warm out, but the water is incredibly cold. It just depends on the time of year you visit Moab. Consider wearing a wetsuit or a dry suit and other clothing for water sports.

Dressing for water-related activities involves dressing for the water temperature and layering on different clothing items. This is so that you're protected and comfortable throughout the activity. Make sure to choose fabrics and materials that keep you dry. And remember that sun protection is also a key factor in any outdoor activity. Hopefully, this guide has helped you dress for water sporting activities.