No matter how much you love your job, there will always be times when you feel overwhelmed and stressed. With so many changes to the way we work over the past few years, it’s inevitable that it could affect our stress levels and well-being. To help you overcome this, we’ve put together this useful guide so you can deal with the stress you face in your work life.

Try To Relax

When you’re stressed, it’s hard to let go and allow your body to relax. This tension can build up and can have a further detriment to your health, so it’s important to learn how to release it. For example, you could look at getting a tantric massage in London to bring you to new levels of relaxation. You could even try a gentle exercise like swimming, as the weightlessness, it brings can create waves of calm. Something as simple as taking five minutes out of your workday to make a warm coffee and take some deep breaths can do wonders. Try not to hold the tension in your body and you’ll soon find your stress levels are reduced.

Be Organised

Having an organised workspace can do so much for reducing your stress levels. If your desk is completely cluttered, you’ll find your mind is the same. And it’s easier to find what you’re looking for if everything has a place. Try to make sure your work itself is organised. Clean up the files on your laptop and use your calendar to plan your day. By eliminating the unforeseen problems that come from disorganisation, you’ll find your day goes by without a hitch.

Make The Most Of Your Breaks

If you spend the time waiting for your lunch break to arrive and use it to just sit down and do nothing, you’re definitely not utilising the time the best you could. Your breaks are supposed to offer you a short respite from work and are designed to maintain your well-being. Make sure you opt for a nutritious lunch and try to get some form of movement in. Even if it’s just taking a short ten-minute walk, you’ll get your blood pumping, your body moving, and you’ll feel more motivated when you get back to your desk.

Don’t Overdo it

When working from home, the temptation to just keep working after you finish is immense. Especially if you’re super busy and just want to get things done. By not allowing yourself time away from work, your brain won’t ever switch off and will retain all the stress you faced during the day. If you have tasks that you feel the need to do out of hours, rationalise if it’s imperative that they’re done now, or can they wait until the next day. Don’t fall into the trap of working yourself to the bone just because your laptop is easily accessible.

Use Your Paid Holiday

Your paid holiday is there to be taken. Don’t let it keep building up while you work away, feeling more and more stressed and burnt out. Take some time off to recuperate and rest, otherwise, you’ll be holding onto the pressure of your work-life 24/7. You don’t even have to go on a vacation, just take a few days off to relax at home or visit your friends and you’ll soon feel a reduction in your stress levels.

Accept Mistakes

One of the biggest causes of stress at work is continuously trying to be perfect and it can be very unhealthy for you. Learn to accept that you aren’t immune to making mistakes and they can happen. Although you may think perfectionism is just your way of working, it can cause you so much unnecessary stress. Instead of finding every little flaw in your work, try to focus on the effort that’s gone into it. Allow yourself to feel proud for completing a project, even if there were a few hiccups along the way.

You can either let stress consume your work life, or you can make some small, but effective changes and release all the pent up tension in your body and mind. So, the next time you feel particularly wound up during your day, unclench your jaw, drop your shoulders, take a few deep breaths and feel the stress leave your body.