Louvred Open Roof System

Summer is a great time for relaxing and enjoying a break after a long year. If you’re not able to get to a beach resort this summer, it doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy some fun activities while at home. Outdoor spaces provide the perfect environment for summer activities, either alone or with family and friends. So where better to enjoy the great outdoors than your own backyard!

One of the best additions to your deck or patio is a louvred roof. With this roof, you can continue to enjoy the outdoors, no matter how hot it gets. Even more, a louvred roof comes in handy all year round, protecting you from the elements.

What Is a Louvred Roof?

A louvred roof is a protective roof made with horizontal slats that open and close at the touch of a button. There are different louvred roof designs, with some allowing 180-degree rotation to protect your area from the vagaries of weather. The versatility of these roofs makes them better than the traditional patio or deck covers.

Advantages of a Louvred Roof

Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy from having a louvred roof on your deck.

Protection from the Elements

It doesn’t matter whether it’s sunny, rainy, or windy; a louvred roof provides the necessary protection. This protection is made possible by the louvre positions provided.

The fully-opened position allows you to get some sunshine during winter, while the angled position blocks the rays but still allows ventilation during summer. You can also go for a partially open position to get more sunlight in. Lastly, the fully-closed option provides proper protection from the rain with no leaks.


The louvred roofs are made of aluminium, hence fantastic thermal conductivity properties. During summer, your deck remains cool because the roof reflects the light. On a rainy day, when you close the roof, it traps the heat in the room. Thus, making it stay warm. This reduces your heater usage and allows you to continue enjoying the outdoors throughout.


Installing a louvred roof to your outdoor space improves how the area looks. The aluminium adds a sleek, modern touch and a clean finish. It also helps that the roof is customised to your space, making it flow seamlessly with the rest of the home.

Increased Home Value

If you’re planning to sell your property, the enhancement of your outdoor area increases its value. It’s also more appealing to potential clients because they don’t have to make the addition themselves.

Deck and Furniture Protection

Besides protecting you, the louvred roof also preserves your deck and outdoor furniture. Without this protection, your furniture could wear out quickly, with possible fading or shrinking. The roof, therefore, allows you to use your furniture for a longer period. This effect may also extend to your indoor furniture due to blocked sunlight.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

You can easily adjust this roof with the use of a remote control. In addition, some roofs allow you to control them using an app on your phone. You can also go for roof a design with a rain sensor thus, automatically adjusting it to a fully closed position. Louvred roofs are low maintenance after proper installation.


Covering your deck or patio gives you more privacy as you do your activities. You can also enhance this by adding screens on the sides.

Wrapping up

A louvred roof is a worthy investment for your home with many benefits. Within four to eight weeks, you can have your roof custom-made and installed. Upgrade your chill spot today and enjoy it all year round.