As we hopefully head into a post-pandemic world, it’s time to start thinking about getting back to normal. With the successful rollout of vaccines, you can now look at travelling further than your own backyard. If the past few years has meant business trips have been cancelled and you may have a whole list to now catch up on. With a backlog of business trips to plan, you might want to request the help of corporate travel management services to get you back on track. Here’s why now is a great time to get your business travel up and running again.
Business Travel

You Can’t Replace Face To Face

Although we may have gotten used to digital meetings, they can’t replace the experience of meeting up in person. It’s easier to bounce ideas off each other and work collaboratively together when you’re all in the same room. It can also be beneficial when meeting up with a new client you’re trying to on-board. Digital meetings might not always go to plan and technical hitches can be detrimental. Getting on that flight and meeting a potential client can make or break their decision to go with your business too. Not only does it show commitment on your part, but you’ll also demonstrate why you’re their best option.

Flexible Cancellations

Because of the pandemic, a lot of travel companies offer reimbursement if there’s cancellations due to COVID-19. Now you’re more likely to be refunded for your fare. Previously, you might not have been able to claim back for any cancellation caused by illness, but with the overhaul that the world has been through, this has now changed. A lot of insurance policies also offer COVID-19 cover, so even if your airline cancels your flight due to illness and won’t reimburse, it may be covered by your policy.

Help The Economy

A top concern of the pandemic is keeping the economy afloat and business travel is a great way to contribute. Business travellers utilise more airport functions than holiday travellers. They’re more likely to stop for food, book hotels and use rental cars, all of which will help reduce the losses that the travel industry has faced recently.

Build Connections

If you travel for a business meeting, you may make an unexpected connection. Meeting in the digital world is great for holding specific meetings with specific people, but you close yourself off to encountering other potential business associates. This could open doors for your career as well, as you’re putting a face to a name in other areas of the business. Networking on business trips is irreplaceable and no amount of conference calls can be as effective as simply meeting in person.

You may be used to holding your weekly virtual meeting, and the thought of travelling can seem exhausting. However, if you really want to boost your business profile and gain new prospects, make sure you add business trips back into your diary.