Business in the 21st century demands global connectivity and companies invest heavily in IT infrastructure in a bid to ensure their organization has a clock network that is protected by cyber-security professionals. You’ve probably heard of managed IT services, indeed, you might already be using such services, but in the event, you are not, here are some of the popular services that are on offer from a local managed IT services company.
  • Cloud networking solutions – Migrating your business data to the cloud offers many advantages, not least the ability to access your data from any geographical location. The managed IT services company employs a team of network technicians who work tirelessly in the background to ensure their clients have secure networks 24/7. Your data is stored on remotely located secure servers that automatically back up your data every few minutes and setting up permission hierarchies allows your employees to access the data they need.
  • Hardware support – You will be glad that you hooked up with a Charlotte-based IT support company; they are always on hand to sort out workstation PCs or printer issues, which tend to happen right when we need the equipment. If, for example, your office PCs are slow, the IT support technician can pay you a visit and tweak the machines, recommending hardware upgrades when needed. When you look at the punishment office equipment has to endure, it is hardly surprising equipment breaks down and that impacts productivity.
  • Internet telephony – This is the next level of business communication, with real-time video and a host of online collaboration tools that empower the business owner. If you would like to know more about Voice over Internet Protocol, talk to a local managed IT services provider, who specializes in setting up VoIP platforms. You can call any cell or landline number and there are no ‘by the minute’ charges with Zoom, making your business communication cost-effective. Here are a few tips when looking to hire people.
  • Cyber-crime – Make no mistake, there are many hackers that trawl the Internet, looking for easy pickings and that’s why you need the protection of a cyber-security expert. Your network will be monitored 24/7 and any attempt at unauthorized access is tracked, blocked and identified; you can even send the evidence to the FBI and maybe that would lead to indictments.
  • IT consulting – Setting up a network isn’t going to be cheap and you want to be sure of getting the most out of your dollars, which is where IT consulting comes into play. The IT expert can design a network using the most suitable hardware, plus they can acquire IT hardware at wholesale prices, need we say more?
  • Office 365 – Microsoft's amazing suite of apps boosts every business and cloud storage means staff can update their files as they work. It is obviously important to have the right software licenses with your office programs and Office 365 is scalable, from 1- to 1000s of users.
Once you forge an alliance with a local managed IT services provider, your business will reap the rewards and your data is always protected by cyber-security experts.