A lot of health care workers in the industry have recently shifted to travel jobs. While health care travellers have always been around, it's much more commonplace these days. Staff shortages and burnout have led more professionals into the travelling field. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that today's travel nurses are making twice as much as they did before the pandemic. This is because hospitals are relying on travel agencies to supply them with new staff and fix shortages. As a health care professional, should you consider leaving your current job to become a traveller? Here, you can take a look at the pros and cons of travelling as a doctor.

Pro: As a health care traveller, you get to experience new places.

The best part about being a travel doctor is the fact that you're getting paid to travel. Whether it's a foreign country or just travelling within the United States, there's somewhere new and exciting where you can be of service. There's something incredibly rewarding about helping people from all over the world as a health care provider. You have the ability to see different cities and countries. Plus, you may earn more money in different traveller positions. Life is too short to stay in one place! There's so much to explore and see. Why not take the opportunity to do it while providing medical care to others? It's what makes the field of medicine continuously exciting and rewarding.

Con: Adjusting to a new environment takes time.

One of the disadvantages of being a travelling doctor is the fact that it can take time to adjust to a new place. When you're travelling for work overseas, you'll likely experience culture shock at some point. This refers to a feeling of disorientation when you're suddenly in an unfamiliar setting and surrounded by a different culture. It can be difficult to adjust when every aspect of life is new. When your job doesn't involve travel, working as a doctor is a lot easier because certain aspects can help you feel grounded: your favourite team of coworkers, your family, or even your favourite restaurant.

Pro: You gain valuable experience with different teams.

The best part about working as a travel doctor is the ability to work with a new team and learn from other experts. You can go from working with BerelianiMD.com and the best cardiologists in Los Angeles to working with a different team at a medical school across the world. You can choose to work with teams through international travel or by checking out different clinics all over the U.S. You could even work as a naval physician or with nonprofit organizations and meet all kinds of people along the way. While working as a regular doctor allows you to work with different teams, you're only going to be around people who are within the same hospital or clinic.

Con: It can be hard if you're spending time away from your family.

When you're working as a travel doctor, it can be hard to spend time away from family. This is an advantage for regular doctors who stay in place, as they only make travel plans when they're going on vacation. But travel doctors are often spending several weeks to months away from their family and friends.

Pro: Traveling for work is an adventure of a lifetime.

Travelling for work provides you with opportunities to explore places you may never have chosen to see yourself otherwise. It's perfect for doctors who are seeking adventure.

Being a doctor is a rewarding career regardless of whether you choose to travel or not. The work of a health care provider is fulfilling no matter where you go.