Diablo 2: Resurrection is a game that lives up to its moniker and then some. Not only has the game brought back the isometric ARPG granddaddy in a shinier coat of paint, but the developers are also ensuring that the game receives the much-needed tender loving care in the form of updates in the future. And what's even more amazing is that these updates aren't just for the sake of bug stomping or technical optimization; they're also for specific features.
Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Patch

These are significant improvements in the overall quality of life and fundamental changes to the gameplay. To be honest, the most recent updates, which have both been introduced and are currently being tested, have given new life to this ageing formula. As things stand right now, the gameplay and technical changes brought about by the updates are helping to bring the game up to modern standards.

10. Changes to the overall class and skill balance

One of the most serious problems in Diablo 2 is: The main difference between the resurrected and original versions is that build and class variety have taken a backseat to the meta. Some skills were left in the dust, and some classes were given the short end of the stick, and as a result, they have been largely ignored for more than a decade as a consequence.
The developers are working quickly to resolve the issue because the new Public Test Realm (PTR) for Patch 2.4 buffs some lesser-used skills. With the recent skill and stat changes, classes and builds such as the Martial Arts Assassin, Bowazon, and Hybrid Druid are poised to become more viable than ever.

9. Skill Hotbar

Even before the public test realm (PTR) version of Patch 2.4 was released, Diablo 2: Resurrected was becoming less of a pain to play. Patch 2.3 added a highly visible and useful skill Hotbar on top of the standard bottom UI, which also contains the life and mana globes and the experience bar. This is intended for use on a computer.
Because of this, players will not accidentally Teleport into a pack of unique enemies when they intend to rain down a burning rock on them because they forgot which number they had assigned to each of the mapped skills on their character's Hotbar.

8. The Quick Casting Feature

In a similar vein, the buy D2R XBOX One rewards' casting system has been updated with a much-needed modern feature that allows players to activate skills by pressing the number assigned to them rather than simply placing them in the UI queue. Players will no longer be required to press the right mouse button (RMB) to activate the skill they have selected in the past.
This results in more rapid action and a reduction in carpal tunnel syndrome. Before the introduction of the quick cast, the skill activation system in Diablo 2 was the most frequently voiced complaint by both critics and fans alike regarding combat. This function is also particularly useful for Paladins, who must constantly switch between different auras to remain effective.

7. DLSS D2R switch runes' graphical improvements meant that it demanded a higher level of performance from PC players

Some players may be surprised by how much the game consumes system resources now, even when playing in Legacy mode. To address this issue, DLSS was introduced in the previous updates.
DLSS is a proprietary technology developed by Nvidia that dynamically downscales resolutions to save chunks of framerate in video games. This results in smoother performance and a higher number of frames per second (FPS), but at the expense of slightly blurrier graphics. Unfortunately, it's only available for Nvidia graphics cards, but it's an excellent method of increasing the number of frames per second, especially at higher screen resolutions.

6. Toggle the Offline Difficulty Scaling switch on or off

One of the benefits of playing single-player offline in buy Diablo 2 resurrected runes is that players can trick the game into believing that there are a maximum of eight players in the current session, which can be quite entertaining. Monsters become beefier as a result, but the likelihood of them dropping better increases as well. Previously, offline players were required to enter a developer command to accomplish this goal.
They will no longer be required to type anything in as a result of Patch 2.3. This is because the /players x command can now be accessed through a toggle slider in the gameplay section of the menu. There is no longer any need to fiddle with the in-game chatbox as a result of this.

5. Modifications to the Mercenary Balance

It has been a long time since the good aura brothers of Lut Gholein in Act 2 have been considered the go-to Mercenaries in Diablo 2. Another advantage is their ability to use polearms, which allows them to be the perfect candidates for enabler Runewords such as Insight or Infinity. While they're fantastic, being forced to use Act 2 Mercenaries simply to remain relevant in the metagame is severely restricting in its potential.
As a result, the developers have decided to make certain Runewords usable with bows and other weapons. This allows players to use a variety of Mercenary types. Furthermore, other Mercenaries have received significant buffs to their skills and stats as well as other benefits. That change is still being tested in the Patch 2.4 Public Test Realm, but it is expected to make its way into the main game soon.

4. New Runewords have been discovered.

Speaking of Runewords, the collection of new ones introduced by the most recent updates is perhaps the most exciting new addition to the game. The last time new Runewords were introduced into the game was long ago. Some of the less popular high runes more viable are aimed at making some of the new Runewords, such as Obsession, Plague, and Mist, amongst other things.
Because, at the moment, in the main game, a Cham or Zod rune is worth significantly less than a Ber or Jah rune, even though the former two are more common. Hopefully, the new Runewords will shake up the metagame and increase the value of non-meta runes on the secondary market.

3. Set Item Buffs (Optional)

Among the Diablo 2 community, there has been a widespread agreement for more than a decade that set items are insignificant in comparison to Runewords or unique items. That is why they are generally regarded as worthless favourites, except for a few notable exceptions such as Immortal King or Tal Rasha's, but their position is about to improve.
Some of the values for set items have changed as a result of the 2.4 updates. Their bonuses have been slightly increased, making some of them more viable for low- to mid-game progression than they were previously. While some high-level sets have yet to receive significant buffs, they can now be boosted with Horadric Cube recipes, making them a little more competitive in the marketplace.

2. New Horadric Cube Recipes have been released.

There is a new recipe for upgrading to buy Diablo 2 resurrected items in the Horadric Cube, which can be found in the Horadric Cube. For the first time in decades, a new cube recipe has been incorporated into the item dynamics, allowing players to upgrade their set to a higher tier of difficulty.
The recipe is similar to the unique item upgrade in that it requires some low or mid runes and perfect gems to produce an Exceptional or Elite base version of the set items, depending on the level of the player. That is how it is in the 2.4 PTR, but some tweaks may or may not be made once it is implemented in the main game, depending on the developer.

1. Changes at the neighbourhood level

This is most likely the most significant change, second only to class and skill buffs, and it will provide relief to players who have grown tired of farming the same places for more than a decade. The developers have chosen to raise the area level of some Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, and Act 5 areas to level 85 to accommodate more players. This ensures that players will receive juicy drops in wider locations. These are the areas that have seen an increase in difficulty.

In previous versions of the game, there were only a few level 85 areas, such as The Pits, Chaos Sanctuary, Maggot Lair, Ancient Ruins, and the boss areas (among others), which severely limited the endgame activities and resulted in boredom among players. As this change makes its way out of the 2.4 PTR and into the main game, players should notice a greater variety of options. The catch is that the majority of the area level buff occurs in Act 3, so prepare yourself for some serious jungle fever.