A smart contract is an algorithm created using modern information technologies. It replaces all intermediaries and guarantors in many transactions. The very first and already tested by thousands of people around the world, the area of ​​​​use of “smart contracts” is the initial placement of tokens using blockchain technology (ICO). And what is an ICO can be described simply - it is a form of attracting cryptocurrency investments for the development of your own project.

Modern Smart contracts are beginning to cover an increasing number of business areas. The leader in the field of ICO, and, accordingly, for the development of smart contracts, is currently the ETHEREUM (ETH) cryptocurrency. We offer you the creation of information algorithms based on this particular currency.

How much does a smart contract cost?

The question of prices for contract algorithms, those who collect information on the launch of the ICO, arise in the first place. The cost of a smart contract depends on simple factors:
  • the complexity of the algorithm;
  • multitasking;
  • level of reliability;
  • individualization;
  • experience of the programming team.
A simple universal (template) smart contract can be purchased at a fairly low price on specialized exchanges on the network. But the creation of a unique algorithm (it is called custom), which will take into account all your wishes and will meet your expectations, should be entrusted to specialists.

Order a smart contract

To order smart contract development, simply contact Devqode and describe your task in detail to the experts. If you have encountered such technologies for the first time, then we will tell you in detail about the possibilities and benefits of using automated solutions in ICO.
  • examples of work and use cases;
  • algorithm security level;
  • solutions that are suitable for launching your ICO;
  • professional support for use and implementation.
Attracting investments in your project is the most important task, without a detailed study of all issues by specialists, it is impossible to do here. By ordering a Smart Contract from us, you get a reliable and efficient tool for developing your business.

Smart contract "Turnkey"

For any purpose, we create ready-made solutions. You do not need a staff of technical staff and programmers, you need to contact us, and we will solve your questions on the creation, implementation and use of the Smart Contract.
What does our interaction with you look like?
  • We will analyze the data you provide to us,
  • we will conduct analytical and marketing research,
  • we will develop unique technology for you,
  • we will create a working model and implement it, helping you at all stages of work.
The development of a smart contract on a turnkey basis can also become part of a much larger one - a full-fledged working and well-established ICO project "to order".

Any idea passed through the prism of modern high technologies, is capable of producing worthy results. Working with ICO technology, ordering Smart contracts from specialists, you not only automate your business processes but also invest in your future.