Bath Pillow
When it comes to relaxation, bath soaks serve as the best way for adults to escape from the rest of the world, relieve stress while improving mental health. Having bath pillows for tub neck and back support is not enough, but a clean one will do a fantastic job ensuring one enjoys the moment.

I probably had one for a couple of years and beginning to notice they are molding. Or wondering how the pillow will look after one or two soaks? Do not worry a lot, as mold stains can be quickly removed.

It is essential to buy a pillow that can work well with hand clean frequently to avoid mildew and would. There are several ways to wash a bath pillow, and these methods will be discussed in this guide. Read more to find out everything one needs to know when it comes to cleaning a bath pillow:

Natural cleaning technique

The fantastic thing about natural cleaning methods is that they are safe for anyone and will not cause any harm to the skin even when mixed with cleaning products. The fantastic thing about this method is that all the requirements for the cleaning procedure are readily available on kitchen shelves.

What then does one need?

Simple, the two items needed for this procedure: are vinegar and baking soda.

How to use the mixture?

The first thing to do is add some diluted vinegar to the bathtub pillow and add some baking soda to form a paste. After this, scrub the pad using either a toothbrush or soft cloth. After that, rub the pillow robustly to make sure the stains/mildew have been all taken out, then let the pillow air dry, so it kills more germs.

Note: If all the stains do not come out during the first process, repeat the cycle or gently rinse the tub pillow and then let it dry again until the next time it has to be used.

Bleach Cleaning Method

If the first method is not effective enough for the pillow type, consider using the second method, which involves using chemicals still found in the home. This method is known as the bleach cleaning method; it uses an excellent lovely scent product to leave the pillow fresh and smelling nice after the procedure.

Check the pillow material

For this procedure, the first thing one will need to do is to find out more about the pillow's material and where it comes from if the tag is not available. This procedure is essential since not all materials work well with bleach, which may cause harm to the pillow.

Once the pillow material is confirmed to work with bleach, the go-ahead is to open it and commence with the cleaning.

Which bleach is safe to use?

Going in for non-chlorinated bleach is always the best choice when it comes to self-cleaning. Oxygen bleach in powder formulates a unique washing system comparable to the first one.

Alternatively, rather than creating a paste, a lot of water with a little quantity of bleach is required for this process. Since bleach is a strong chemical, even the most minor portion goes a long way to resolving the issue. During this method, what needs to be done is to blend a small amount of the bleach with water and then apply it to the pillow while scrubbing it hard to eliminate any form of mildew and stains on the pad, after which rinse it properly and let it get dry.It is important to note that mold loves moisture; hence keeping the tub pillow dry is essential, or getting the Everlasting Comfort pillow to relax without worrying about mildew.