There are a few unkempt lengths, a badly placed gel, or perhaps a protruding lace. All of these factors can detract from the visual appeal of your postiche.

As a result, they'll be easier to spot. On the other hand, a wig must go unseen, virtually imperceptible. And the fact that you're wearing them has to be kept a secret. So, how do you get a more professional result that will wow your entourage? Here's how to do it in four different ways.

1. The Lace Should Be Camouflaged

The base of your wig is made up of the lace from your weave that is upstream of your wig. Above all, it is the ingredient that gives it such a natural appearance. As a result, the strands will appear to be coming from your scalp.

As a result, the lace on these hair extensions is almost completely transparent. However, if you do not sufficiently conceal the lace after cutting it, you will be able to see a little distinction between the lace and your complexion. And none of this is at least glamorous!

What can be done about it? It's easy: simply iron your lace with a foundation that matches your skin tone, then hop! The entire world will be engulfed in flames.

2. Baby-Hair Creation

The hair that is placed on the forehead and, if necessary, comes from your wig is referred to as "baby hair." Working them effectively on the forehead, for example, will give your hairdo a realistic feel.

You'll need a rod comb or a toothbrush to produce them. You'll then need to draw a few strands back to the forehead, like a fringe. You can also opt to shape your baby hair into spirals, oblique lines, or small ripples, as many YouTubers do.

Because you will have previously soaked your comb or toothbrush, the hair will always plate on its own. However, a little gel on top of everything would be great for optimum hold. Pay attention to fat for a silkier outcome.

3. Extending The Original Line

Your synthetic hairpiece has a line on the front, and you can add new ones. The starting line of a wig, on the other hand, is sometimes narrower than the ones we make on our own hair.

As a result, a haircut with a line that is too thin and hardly apparent tends to be less attractive and, more importantly, less natural.

To put it another way, enlarge the lines you draw so that you can see a little space between the wig's hair. The rendering will be even more refined. It's worth noting that all of our human hair wigs come with worked stripes. As a result, there's no need to bust your head trying to extend them on your own. We take care of everything for you!

4. Offal The Brush Offal The Brush Offal The Brush

The final step, and in our opinion the most important, is to avoid using a brush. Unfortunately, a large number of customers neglect this crucial aspect. This is why Honest Hair Factory - your reliable hair vendor company - always includes a tiny kit with his wigs, which includes an appropriate comb.

There's no need to use a brush, whether you're wearing a lace wig with long, straight locks like Kim Kardashian or a wig with wavy hair like the Kinky curls. The latter will contribute more to twisting your hair and ripping it off one by one than to properly styling it.

A comb with separated teeth, on the other hand, will gently untangle and care for your lengths. Your wig lace forehead will appear better and always look like it came out of the box. Guaranteed natural effect!

Don't be afraid to put these suggestions to the test on your next wig; she'll be waiting for you. You now have all of the necessary knowledge to make your blonde lace wig unnoticeable.