Starting a business is difficult because you require several strategies to make it successful, workplace laws being one of them. EmpLaloyment laws have improved over the years. They are more accommodating and clearer.

Workplace laws are very important and every employer is supposed to present their employees with a copy. Apart from regulating the relationship that exists between the employer and the employee, workplace laws also dictate what employers should expect from their employees.

In order to protect your business as an employer, you must comply with these laws. If you don’t, you risk facing some legal actions like imprisonment, restrictions and fines. Every state has different workplace laws in place including Colorado. If you are an employee living there it is important you understand all the Colorado labor laws.

Here are some of the reasons you should understand the laws whether you are an employer or an employee.

1. Understand the working hours.

Most labor laws insist on the importance of having good working hours. It is with good reason too because all employees need to have a work-life balance. There are daily and weekly time frames in every company and employees are also given leave annually, with pay.

There are situations where workers have to work on holidays. In such cases, you have to be compensated. Having a strict policy on working hours ensures you are not taken advantage of as an employee

2. Adequate earnings

In today’s world, everybody is chasing a decent income and some employers are out to take advantage of their employees. Once you understand workplace laws, you will know what your minimum wage should be. You will also know how important being paid on time is. In case you work overtime, during holidays, on weekends you should be compensated.

3. Protection against discrimination.

There are many types of discrimination in the workplace. Workplace laws ensure that employees can operate at work with freedom. The relationship between the employer and employee can be monitored. An employer cannot discriminate against you based on your gender, religion, sex, race, or disability.

A lot of companies pay women less than men for doing the same amount of work. Some employers even ask for sexual favours in order to give out a promotion. If you understand the laws against these, you can file a complaint and the proper action will be taken against your bully.

4. Protection

As an employee, your place of work can severely affect your personal lifestyle. If you are a parent, you will require some time with your children to nature them. This is why you need to be offered paid leave from time to time.

Labour laws protect employees from working in toxic conditions that could cause health problems. In case it’s a dangerous environment there should be protective gear and compensation. Workplace laws also protect children from working since some companies employ children and exploit them by paying very little.


Knowing workplace laws is a win-win for both the employer and employee since protection is offered for both parties and you will know what to do in case you are discriminated against at work.