A software development company is essential to the wheel that sustains any business or company. They provide web designs, UI/UX, and web development services. They help ensure that the company’s software, mobile apps, and web interfaces run smoothly, increasing the likelihood that customers will interact with a company’s website and revisit it. Many software development companies offer excellent services to businesses that are not restricted to a given geographical location. This is where the question arises: Is there any advantage or perks to hiring from an offshore software development company rather than in-house? Before answering this question, let us address the difference between an offshore and an in-house company.

What is the difference between an offshore and in-house hire?

When a company decides to outsource its business or a part of its business or production process to a company located in a different country, this practice is referred to as offshoring.

On the other hand, a business that hires from the pool of available candidates within the country is known as in-house hire.

A software development company can hire from both as the need may arise or based on their preferences. However, it is worthwhile to consider the benefits of hiring offshore software developers.

Benefits of hiring offshore software developers

Accessibility to more talent

This is one of the most obvious advantages of hiring an offshore software development company. Based on a given location, there may be little to no access to a qualified and experienced software developer; when the search is broadened to include a greater geo-region, there are invariably more chances of finding a better fit for a specified job. For instance, Mitrais is a software development company located in Indonesia, but the clients or customers are businesses and companies in Australia, Singapore and Indonesia. Click here for more information.

Affordability and Efficiency

Contrary to expectations, it is cheaper for a company to outsource parts, if not all, of its development and maintenance service to an offshore custom software development company. In cases where hiring a skilled and experienced in-house software developer may cost a lot of money, it is a no-brainer to outsource the labour to a company in a country where the same budget can give you access to a team of equally skilled and qualified software developers. In addition, the group of software developers is better positioned to finish a given task within a deadline. Outsourcing to an offshore company enables you to get more hands-on on the project instead of working with a few in-house software developers.


This can be applied to the contracts and the actual production process. There is no need to retain the offshore software development company after the project is completed, nor are you obligated to pay salaries while there are no ongoing projects. The contract can be terminated at the end of the project until there is a further need for similar services. There is also greater flexibility in the working process itself. The software company can hire more experts on a needed basis or have fewer software developers engaged as the project progresses. This flexibility ensures that work is carried out only with what is required at any given time, thereby saving costs and resources.


There is no denying that the services of software developers are essential. Unfortunately, this service is expensive and may not always be accessible. However, hiring an offshore software development company can quickly mitigate these challenges. These benefits include more access to more qualified software developers, the ability to work with a budget without compromising quality, and more flexible contractual arrangements.