skip bins
Ever thought about how skip bins Melbourne got their name? Although skib services provided by experts like Skip Bin Finder have made our life easy, yet it is better to know its origins. Isn't it? Is it like one has to skip to load waste into these bins? No, of course not. So, why not tip bins? That may make more sense!

It all began with calling a rubbish cart a skip bin from Skep. The latter refers to a basket. Further, Skep comes from Sceppe, an old English word. Too much to process? Well, let's keep it simple. First, Skep evolved to form Skip. Then, Skip became skip-bins. Keep reading for more on the history of these bins and their uses.

Back to when Skip bins emerged

Now that the readers know how Skip bins came to be called so, here's some history. Skip bins evolved from a kind of basket around the 1700s. So, back in the day, it was used for waste collection.

This basket or Skep might have been formed from straw, wicker, or hollow logs. These evolved into a cart or carriage and a horse in the 18th century. Then, it developed into what people today called Skip Bins by the nineteenth century!

The first recorded Skip or rubbish cart use dates back to 1922. But, it came into practice to dispose of commercial and residential waste only in the next century. Today, it has become a mainstream element of the waste disposal system.

The Skip Bin System and Australia

Horse-drawn carts were widely used in Australia. They collected transport wastes like bottles and newspapers. So, these carts went to every household from the 1920s to the 50s. However, as the population increased, consumption grew. So, also, the waste volume multiplied.

The country began adopting the Skip Bins system like others in the 1960s. Among residential areas, local councils initiated premium services of Skip Bins. So, the companies would take the waste to dumpsites, incinerators, or recycling spots.

The Story of the Skip

The present-day Skip originated in Germany in the 1960s. They are called Coal mining skips because of their resemblance to coal mining skips. But, back in the 1920s, Southport area residents used ship-like containers to remove waste by lorries.

Many engineers at that time faced the issue of increasing distances. Also, it took much time to travel from household refuse collection spots to local dumps. So, horse-drawn rubbish carts became less known.

Later developments

In the 1930s and 40s, many developments took place in the US. The era saw the invention of vehicles with the hydraulic lifting arms everyone recognizes today. However, from the 1960s, the domestic and business skip hire industry was introduced. Today, it's used all across the United States.


One cannot assign a single historic name to the invention of Skip Bins. But, indeed, they got the name from a Basket. The word and the container vessel evolved over the years.

Yet, the modern-day Skip system seen on the streets can be attributed to the Brooks brothers. Even the Dempster brothers of Knoxville are supposed to have invented it. But, that's better left a story untold.