Private aircraft are often used for business purposes, with the general aviation and commercial aviation industries having a significantly large amount of overlap. This article covers topics about private aircraft that would be helpful for those interested in learning more about what to expect when embarking on a business trip or vacation using this type of transportation.

What is Aircraft Registry

A private aircraft is a noncommercial, civilian aircraft that can be used privately without payment. A private aircraft cannot carry passengers for hire. The FAA regulates the types of equipment allowed to be installed on private aircraft. Some of the more common equipment includes radios and weather radar. The aircraft Registry is an aircraft record number that is issued by the FAA to identify a particular aircraft. The Private Aircraft Registry can be used to identify the aircraft and its owner. It can also be used as a reference tool when you're buying or selling an aircraft, especially when it's used as collateral or in insurance claims.

How do I register my aircraft?

When you register and insure your aircraft, you are NOT required to pay a registration or insurance fee. You can also complete the application form online by following the instructions on our website. Just make sure to follow these simple steps: If you want to register your aircraft with the FAA, you want to start by finding out the make and model of the aircraft. This will tell you which commercial registry number is needed for registration. It will also specify what type of aircraft it is, either a fixed-wing or rotorcraft. Once you have this information, go to and download the forms that are required for registering your aircraft on the FAA's website.

What is Air Transport Regulation?

Air Transport Regulation was created in 1971 to protect the health and lives of passengers. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the branch of government responsible for regulating air transport. Air Transport Regulation is enforced by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Air Transport Regulation (ATR) is a regulation that sets out the framework for airline activity. It covers issues such as passenger rights, conditions of carriage, pricing and marketing, ticketing, security and safety.

How to get an annual certificate of registration for your commercial aircraft

You will need to get an annual certificate of registration for your commercial aircraft from the FAA. This certificate is valid for a year and the renewal process can be completed online. The fee for this service is $25, but you will also need to pay a $5 user fee to have a new application done online.

Safety Tips

Coming in for a landing at a private airstrip is more manageable than it might seem. Preparing for your landing is extremely important, as well as maintaining a safe distance from other aircraft. Below are some tips that will help you to prepare for landings on private airstrips:
  • Start by thoroughly reading the local weather forecast and runway conditions
  • Ideally, have an emergency kit ready before departure
  • Avoid flying over highly populated areas or in close proximity to airports
  • Be familiar with any surrounding obstacles


One of the most common questions that people ask is how much does it cost to charter an aircraft. This is a very popular question, and thus there are many resources on the internet that give general estimates for the prices of private jets. To make a comparison between these prices and what you should expect to pay for different commercial flights, I created a calculator that can help you estimate the costs of various flight routes.