An overwhelming percentage of restaurants fail in their first year, and one of the main reasons is they fail to capitalize on digital marketing. In recent years, digital media has become the premier advertising platform, and the companies with the biggest online presence thrive almost invariably.

Television and radio commercials used to be the only way to reach a national audience, which hurt small businesses with inadequate marketing budgets. However, digital media is much more affordable and accessible, and just as effective. All you need is great content, video production, and sound design. So, what makes a great promo video for a restaurant? We'll give you some pointers for creating viral videos in this brief article. Now, let's dig in!

Shoot kitchen footage to show restaurant equipment.

One of the best ways to learn what works in marketing is to pay attention to how large corporations do it. Have you ever noticed that large chains and gourmet restaurants always show kitchen footage in their videos? Some restaurants even shoot videos of the progress of large remodelling projects. That's because patrons like to know what's going on in the kitchen. They even like seeing the cutlery and glassware. It's all part of the fine dining experience.

If your restaurant has the best chefs, tableware, and restaurant equipment Los Angeles has to offer, you need to showcase it every time you have an opportunity. If you need to upgrade your kitchen equipment, check out The Restaurant Warehouse for high-end, affordable appliances. After all, in the restaurant world, it's all about presentation.

Tailor your video content for social media audiences.

Did you know that people spend almost as much time on social media as they do watching television? In fact, these days, multitasking includes anything you do while also on Facebook or TikTok, including watching television.

Social media marketing has grown so powerful that even national and international brands have begun using social media videos to connect with their target audience. If social media works for big businesses, imagine what a viral video could do for a local restaurant. You can even take your video content to the next level by using influencers to help increase your brand awareness.

Creating video content for social networks is different from shooting regular TV commercials. You only have a five-second window to grab watchers' attention before they decide whether to skip your commercial or continue watching. So, you'd better make it worth their while.

Hire a video production crew to ensure you produce high-quality videos.

If you've never shot a professional video, it's a good idea to hire video production services. Do your due diligence to find a video production company with years of experience and a reputation for shooting marketing videos that get great results. The right full-service video production company can help you with everything from providing creative ideas to the production process.

Digital media has opened up new marketing opportunities for small businesses, and your restaurant would be wise to capitalize on this growing trend. One key to making a great promotional video for your eatery is to show off your state-of-the-art kitchen and cooks at work. Also, humour is one of the most effective ways to connect with a broad-ranging audience. Furthermore, it's a great idea to shoot your online commercials with social media in mind. And finally, consider hiring a production service to get creative ideas and ensure the quality of your video projects.

A picture can say a thousand words, and great video content is like a picture times a thousand. The power of video marketing is apparent in how many national brands now use social media videos to connect with their target audience. So, are you ready to unleash the power of video for your establishment?