Phoenix, AZ, is a great place to live for many reasons, but the weather isn’t one of them. You can’t stay sane in the summer without a fully functional air conditioning system. It takes newcomers a while to accept this truth, at which point, they are forced to look for a service provider that can perform reliable AC Installation in Phoenix, AZ.

But if you’re new to this region, you probably have no idea where to find trustworthy service providers in Phoenix. That is why this guide exists; to point you in the right direction. Here are some of the best AC installation specialists in the state:

1). American Home Water and Air

AHWA has spent 35 years in the business and they're great at what they do. Their services, which include AC installation and replacement, are affordable. Because of their transparency, you don’t have to worry about hidden charges. Their site has a cost calculator that provides an accurate estimate of the prices you can expect to encounter once you call them.

Any AC Installation Phoenix, AZ company can make claims like these. But AHWA is one of the few that have undeniable proof of its reputation. The 50,000+ customers they have served in the last three decades speak volumes about the quality of their offerings.

2). Weather masters Inc.

This is not a new company. It came into existence in 1983, which gives the firm nearly three decades of experience. They have thrived where their rivals have failed because of their accumulated knowledge over the years.

Besides offering second opinions on AC units of any brand, you can also consult them on custom designs. The organization is licensed and insured, which tells you that its operations are entirely legal. Their A+ rating on BBB proves their reliability. You can leave your heating and plumbing needs in their hands.

3). Desert Diamond Mechanical Heating and Plumbing

People love this firm because it offers emergency services, not to mention solid AC Installation in Phoenix, AZ. You can reach them at all hours of the day or night. They will perform a thorough analysis of your home to identify the best air conditioning solution for your situation.

You can rely on their contractors to recommend the most energy-efficient brands on the market, reducing your energy bill in the long run. They offer special financing for budget-constrained people. Once installed, you can use the company to perform regular maintenance and repair on your air conditioner.

4). Day and Night Air

Day and Night Air wants you and the inhabitants of your home to sleep each night soundly. They accomplish this goal by installing robust heating, cooling, and plumbing systems designed to maintain the appropriate temperature in your house.

They perform Whole-House AC, Ductless AC, and Smart Thermostat Installations. The company’s objective is to create a climate-controlled environment in its clients' homes. They can either install a new AC unit for you or upgrade an older one. They will try to match the capabilities of the air conditioning unit to the needs of your situation, taking into account considerations like your budget and the size of your house.

5). Howard Air

Howard Air only employs NATE Certified contractors. It is a testament to their commitment to providing quality service.

Besides their A+ rating on BBB, Angie’s list has identified Howard Air as the best HVAC company in Arizona. If you don’t trust Angie’s list, trust the Torch Award for Ethics that Howard Air secured in 2017.

If you need a new HVAC, this air conditioning install expert will offer free installation estimates. Their services cover commercial and residential settings.

6). Ideal Air Conditioning Insulation

This AC Installation Phoenix, AZ service provider understands that air conditioners constitute up to a quarter of all the energy the average Arizona home consumes, which is why they endeavour to connect their customers to the most energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions.

They appeal to consumers tired of high electric bills and HVACs with deteriorating functions. If you have an HVAC, they can extend the appliance’s lifespan via timely repair and replacement.

7). One Stop Heating and Cooling

One-Stop Heating and Cooling draw a lot of interest because they offer free estimates on new units, $25 off on repairs that exceed $250, and a $49.95 maintenance special.

Their loyal customers can take advantage of the 2-year labour warranty (on select AC and heating systems). Their services encompass preventative maintenance checks, not just in Phoenix but also Sun City, El Mirage, Sun City West, Glendale, and Scottsdale, to mention but a few.

8). Odin Energy

A call to Odin energy will get you a free inspection. An Odin contractor will investigate your home to gain a clear understanding of your needs. They will, however, use the information gathered to develop a personalized solution for your property because they understand that one size somehow doesn't suit all.

Once you approve their solution, you can schedule a date for the contractor to come and install your brand-new HVAC. Odin energy assesses the quality of every HVAC unit they install. They also train their employees to keep them abreast of changes in the industry.

9). Aquality HVAC Air Conditioning and Heating

This company is so confident in its services that it provides a 100 percent guarantee. They handle commercial and residential jobs. The size of your air conditioning does not matter; hence, they will manage projects of any scope.

You can also rely on them to answer your call at any hour of the day or night.


Temperatures in Phoenix, AZ, can skyrocket at a moment’s notice. An HVAC unit can (and should) keep you cool regardless of how hot the summer season gets.

But, if your air conditioning system can’t fight the heat in your house, you probably need a new one. You have to look for trustworthy vendors that can provide dependable AC Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Some people have used the same HVAC systems for over ten years. They don’t realize that air conditioners have a limited lifespan. The sooner you contact a reputable Air Conditioning Install service provider, like AHWA, the sooner you can install a new air conditioner powerful enough to keep your home cool regardless of the weather.