Organising a wardrobe can be quite a hectic task. Having the right wardrobe accessories makes it much more manageable. In addition, the accessories also help maximise the closet space, most of which goes to waste without them.

While you can have many wardrobe accessories, these seven are the most important wardrobe accessory you will ever need.

1. Pull Down Hanging Rail

A regular clothes rail is installed way lower from the ceiling to be at an accessible height. This means that the space above is often not well utilised. However, no space goes to waste when you install a pull-down hanging rail. With the pull of a handle, your clothes will get to your preferred height; thus, making it easy to pick them. This means that you get more hanging space for your clothes.

2. Slide-Out Trouser Racks

Finding your pants for the day from a folded pile can be time-consuming. But with a trouser rack, you can quickly spot the trouser you want and pull them out. Besides, placing them in the rack ensures that they stay crisp and neat.

3. Drawers

Some clothing items can’t be hung, and you need drawers to store them. It is best to get a set of drawers to place the folded items. The drawers also serve as storage for non-clothing items that you would like to store discreetly.

In addition, you can get a drawer with dividers for small items such as jewellery. The dividers allow you to store each piece or group separately. That way, you won’t have a lump of jewellery that you’re trying to separate. Also, the chances of losing your small pieces of jewellery are significantly lower.

4. Retractable Tie Rack

While you could choose to store your ties in a drawer, keeping them organised is hard. Besides, they get creased, and you have to iron them often. But with a tie rack, you keep them hanging straight, which means they stay neat. The retractable rack also eases your access to them and makes it quick.

5. Retractable Belt racks

The belt rack works the same as the tie rack, where you hang your belts straight. That way, your belts are not looking messy, and it takes a short time to pick your belt. Once done, you return the rack, and your wardrobe continues to look neat.

6. Extending hanging rail

If your hanging space is too narrow, you might find that your clothes are too squeezed. Those with sleeves, such as shirts, may get crushed. To sort this out, get yourself some extending cloth rails.

The extension allows you to hang your clothes more neatly without them getting crushed. They are also more accessible that way.

7. Laundry hamper

A built-in laundry hamper makes your room look more organised. You have no more dirty clothes on the floor. Also, if you have more than one hamper, you can sort your laundry and have a more leisurely washing day.

Besides using the hamper for laundry, you can also use it as storage for other items. For example, stuffed toys in your child’s room. For easy access, go for a slide-out laundry hamper instead of a fixed one.

Wrapping Up

It is in your best interest to make the most out of your wardrobe space. Getting yourself some of the above-mentioned wardrobe accessories will do just that. Go ahead and pick what your need to stay organised.