Language Barrier
We have been in the middle of a digital explosion for quite a while now and in just a few years we’ve gone from landlines to mobile phones that can do just about anything and everything. While we have the technology to talk to other business owners, there’s always the obvious language barrier, which effectively narrows the marketplace to English-speaking countries, yet all that has changed with the emergence of on-demand translation from the online provider.

Global On-Demand Translation

There is a forward-thinking company by the name of Global Citizens Translation and they offer more than 500 language pairs and can patch a qualified translator into your Zoom call, which empowers you no end! You can have a dialogue with your Chinese supplier about the next deliveries, while also talking to a potential new client in Serbia; simply register with the provider and then you can book your translations on demand.

Extensive Range of Services

You might require a qualified translator for a Zoom meeting, or you are attending a webinar and need an industry-specific translator patched in, while they also provide audio tracks and subtitles for videos. If, for example, you are planning to launch a branch in Turkey, you will need culturally appropriate translation for your promotional literature, which can be provided to meet your deadlines. If you need handouts translated into any language, the online on-demand global translation service has you covered.

Industry-Specific Translation

If your sector is highly technical, you might need specialised translation and the provider has hundreds of professionals on their books, who are located around the world. If, for example, you are in the scientific field, you would need a translator that is familiar with the technical terms used and this service is available 24/7 and is very affordable. Here are a few tips when hiring employees.

Empower your Business

When you register with an online on-demand global translation service, you have a lot of resources at your disposal and there are no office hours; the service is available round the clock. For the first time, you can arrange Zoom meetings with foreigners and not have to worry about language and their network is super-fast and can help you gain new contracts in non-English speaking countries.


The on-demand global translation service only uses qualified human translators, rather than using AI software, which has not yet reached the accuracy level of a human translator and business meetings are extremely important.

High Speed & Stable

When you register with a leading on-demand translator, the network is state of the art and you can have a professional translator patched into your video meeting. Using VoIP platforms, your remotely located translator works in real-time, ensuring that your dialogue can progress. Now that you have the ability to talk to business people from all parts of the world, this opens up a non-English speaking market that was not penetrable before global on-demand translation. The Internet of Things is on the horizon and that will signal another leap in digital tech, making the world even more connected.