Planning to spend some of your quality time in any historical city is not just a simple vacation. Its architectural structure and civilization have a magnetic attraction for archaeologists and visitors. Its hidden sights and places can drive you in a very old time where you would see old life happening around you.

The city of Syracuse in Sicily is the land of beauty. In 2022, it is the next travel detentions. Now, you have any questions about it. Let us start a journey with my pen to imagine you in a very old time. Syracuse’s every corner tells a tale of something new or some time elder.

Your next trip is to Syracuse Sicily, where you can see both modern and historical sights. The eldest temple of Apollo and the Cathedral of Syracuse at Piazza Pancali is dating to the 6th century B.C. This archeological site has the multi-transformation of the Greek, Sicelite, Roman, Byzantine, Saracen, and Norman era architecture and culture. Although, this is a scattered building still has rustic charm for visitors.

Syracuse has another antique mixture of the oldest cathedral square (Piazza del Duomo), where baroque white art and sculpture are admirable. These white pearls get glow more in fascinating colours in night lights. These buildings are reflective of grace culture and heritage. This square has been added to the UNESCO world heritage centre list. So, the Piazza is the land of wanders included cathedral Duomo, palaces, and other churches. Small outdoor shops and entertainment events are amazing to enjoy at the feet of these buildings. The Catacombs of St.john is instead, is an open church with secret tunnels. These limestones tunnels were more famous in the 2nd world war. In the second war, people hide in these too wide zig-zag shape tunnels to stay away from air raids.

Next is the Neapolis Archaeological Park, the epic destination near the Catacombs of St. John. This park is divided into three main parts behind the magnificent sea. This park is the remain of old Roman golden time which was destroyed by Spanish attackers. But stull its cliffy round seats around the vegetation has the story of its peak time. Its second part is Roman Amphitheatre is also around the stadium, where the gladiator shows their skills. While Greek theatre is also wide open-air performing theatre. This ancient theatre has the capacity of 15,000 spectators. The Temple of Apollo and the Ear of Dionysius are also ancient monuments of Roman remains.

Syracuse has a joint with the island of Ortygia with two bridges. One is ancient and the second is a modern bridge built on a narrow strip of water that separates Syracuse mainland from the mini island. This triangle shape island Ortygia has a very historical sight of art, archaeology, and multi-civilization eras. Besides the old imagination, modern views are ready to amaze the tourist. Furthermore, tourists are facilitating residential areas, shopping malls, and entertaining events. During the trip of the Roman age and the rest of Magna Graecia has Roman remains and other upcoming rulers.

Besides Baroque and medieval buildings, Syracuse has another beauty of the sandy beaches with vibrant waves. The Fontane Bianche, Marzamemi, Punta Delle Formiche, Isola Delle Correnti are open to swimming, paddle boarding and kite surfing. However, the white cool sandy beaches in summer give you a lot.

The sights of the Baroque monuments of Syracuse deserved a little admirable visit. For more information and accommodation for Syracuse Sicily, I recommend visiting the page of the travel agency Select Sicily.