Almost two years ago, the novel coronavirus responsible for causing COVID-19 first started making its way around the world. Few would have expected that its impact would be as long-lasting or as devastating as it has proven to be.

Although cases of COVID-19 are once again on the rise, U.S. businesses and workers are in much better shape coming into 2022 than they were in 2020. Far more is known about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and how its spread can be reduced now than in the beginning, and dedicated manufacturers and vendors continue to provide essential industries with crucial support.

Supplying the Suppliers

With consumer demand finally picking back up, U.S. manufacturers face a new set of hurdles to overcome. Instead of being faced with government shutdowns and workers constantly out sick with COVID or COVID-like symptoms, they're now facing increased demand and some lingering supply chain issues. Keeping old manufacturing equipment up and running is much easier with parts and services from Process Industrial Supply.

Keeping Business Moving Forward

Businesses across all industries have had to make lots of adjustments these past two years to ensure that their employees are being provided with safe and hygienic work environments. They've installed new ventilation systems, updated critical infrastructure, changed to much more-frequent cleaning schedules, and developed new policies regarding vaccination, the use of masks, and sick leave.

All of these setbacks haven't stopped American businesses from moving forward. American businessmen and workers are nothing if not resilient. As long as they have a healthy work environment and access to the equipment and materials required to do their jobs, American workers just keep showing up to keep the economy going.

Crucial Changes Moving Forward

Some of the COVID-19 restrictions placed on businesses were, thankfully, temporary. Now that there are safe and effective vaccines available to all working-age Americans, there's no reason to bring commerce, manufacturing, and other industries to a grinding halt each time cases start to rise.

While business owners, workers, and consumers were glad to see the end of the mandatory lockdown phase of the ongoing pandemic, there are some crucial changes that should continue to be implemented moving forward. Business owners in a post-COVID world may want to hold onto habits such as giving workers more flexibility, keeping infrastructure systems in working order to ensure that the air is clean, and maintaining frequent cleaning schedules.

Parts and Product Deliveries in a Post-COVID World

Many B2B manufacturers and vendors have made accommodations to ensure their employees, clients, and business partners don't have to take unnecessary risks. Making the switch to contact-free communication and delivery was a challenge at first, but now, these changes are simple to implement and can even improve the efficiency of many business models. All business owners or ordering managers have to do is find the right part or product online, place an order, then work out all the details over the phone and let the package handlers deliver the order right to the company's doorstep.

Embrace the Future

With the recent news coming out that the new Omicron variant of COVID-19 is less virulent than its predecessors, there's every reason to hope that the ongoing pandemic will eventually come to an end. Many of the changes that were made initially to accommodate workers' health and safety are here to stay, though, so it's time to embrace them. Changes like an increased focus on worker health and safety, cleaner workspaces, and more convenient, contact-free deliveries represent the future of business in America, and the future looks bright.