Opioid use, whether prescribed or illicit, has become common and widespread. Opioids containing compounds of heroin, morphine, and methadone, given as pain-relieving and sedating agents, are leading to opioid overdoses and misuse.

Thousands of people die or are adversely affected due to opioids every year. Especially in the U.S., where opioid misuse and overdose have been declared a full-blown epidemic, it takes around 50,000 lives. It is considered a leading contributor to overdose-related deaths.

The opioid epidemic began in the early 1990s with the overprescription of opioid drugs thought to be mild or non-addictive pain killers. The coming decades are witness to its catastrophic aftermath, where many people have become addicted due to misuse or have died due to overdose.

The presence of addicting substances in traditional pharmaceutical medicine should be reason enough for you to look at alternative medicine as a viable option for treatment.

Alternative Medicine

Also referred to as complementary or integrative medicine, it is an umbrella term that encompasses methods, therapies, and unorthodox, ancient Chinese and Indian medicine and treatment options, like acupuncture, yoga, and herbal medicines.

Alternative medicine is gaining popularity because it is non-addictive, treats you naturally, has little to no side effects, and leaves no trace of withdrawals, all the more reasons for you to try it, especially given that pharmaceutical drugs are the leading cause of opioid addiction.

If you struggle with dependency issues related to pharmaceutical drugs, then you are most likely addicted to the opioids in those pills. Recovering from opioids requires taking the same precautions in treatment as when recovering from other substance dependencies. Renowned and professional recovery centres, like The Palm Beach Institute, treat opioid-dependent patients with the same level of care as other substance-use patients.

Why use alternative medicine?

Alternative medicine has many health benefits compared to conventional treatment options. The following is a list of why opting for alternative medicine is better, especially considering the consequences of using pharmaceutical drugs.

Helps You Regain Natural Equilibrium

Alternative medicine therapy focuses on restoring your body's natural state and functioning. Alternative medicine is prescribed holistically, which is to say that instead of treating symptoms of a particular disease, alternative medicine first identifies the underlying causes and then addresses them. This way, the body’s natural equilibrium is maintained while helping the patient overcome the disease.

Possesses Fewer Side Effects

The unique feature of using alternative medicine for treating disease is that there are too few side effects of incorporating them. Most pharmaceutical drugs have many side effects, like nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc. Whereas the non-orthodox treatments aren't based on synthetic or semi-synthetic chemicals, they pose no threats in terms of side effects.

Personalized Approach

Alternative medicine uses a personalized approach to treatment. Alternative medicine recognizes that every individual is different with unique conditions that need adjustments accordingly. The patient is asked about their history, habits, environmental exposures, and personal routine. The alternative medicine practitioner prescribes medicine or therapy only after a thorough inquiry into a patient’s particulars has been carried out.

Natural Means Of Treatment

Derived from natural sources and ancient practices, alternative medicine isn’t as risky as conventional medicine. Organic materials, like herbs, oils, and naturally-found compounds, that are beneficial and cause no damage to the body’s natural functioning to make alternative medicine.

Treats the Causes Instead of Symptoms

While mainstream medical procedures treat the symptoms of the disease, alternative medicinal approaches focus more on finding the primary causes behind them. The goal is to heal the overall body instead of just getting rid of pain or irritation. Additionally, alternative medicine takes care of care's psychological and physical aspects.


Prescription drugs, like painkillers, sleeping pills, stimulants, etc., cause dependency in patients. The process of getting addicted to the medications is gradual, and quitting becomes harder with time. The advantage of alternative medicine over conventional ones is its zero dependency effects. It includes drugs and physical therapies like acupuncture, acupressure, and chiropractic that help ease pain and other symptoms.

Less Expensive

Alternative medicine is less expensive compared to mainstream treatment options. Conventional medical approaches require advanced tools, engineered drugs, and a team of experienced doctors and nurses, making these treatment options more expensive. Alternative medicine, on the other hand, is less costly and comprises of naturally-occurring substances.

Relief In Withdrawal Symptoms

The oriental healing techniques can also help you with withdrawal symptoms after halting the use of substances. Many types of research have proven that adopting home remedies, such as yoga, exercise, chakra therapies, and the martial-arts treatment called Tai-Chi, can all bring substantial improvements in Vicodin withdrawal symptoms usually experienced after quitting.

Prevention of diseases

Alternative medicine isn’t just helpful when curing diseases and can also be used preventively. Strengthening the immune system can ward off harmful agents from the body that might cause infections or inflammations.

Holistic health

A fundamental difference between conventional and alternative medicine is the latter’s insistence on holistic care. By addressing physical and psychological factors, alternative medicine leaves no stone unturned toward making your life healthy. It’s a well-rounded alternative to symptom-driven treatment options and includes aspects even of spiritual well-being.


Given the high dependency induced by modern pharmaceutical opioids, alternative medicine offers a complementary approach toward treatment that is only getting more popular by the day. Having no side effects and treating your body as a unit, it has been shown in various researches to be an effective treatment option for withdrawal, pain relief, and significant medical complications like cancer.