Diamonds are expensive and yet people still want to have them for their partners. So they will make a way to buy diamonds at an affordable price. Shira Diamonds wholesale diamond dealer sells diamonds at a more affordable price. Here are some pointers on how to negotiate like a boss in the diamond trading shop. Traders are open for negotiations since they know that diamonds are indeed pricey and not everyone has the right budget to buy one. As a buyer, you should learn how to negotiate properly to get your diamonds at a lower price.

Tips For Diamond Buyers


When negotiating, it's better to wait for the trader to give the price rather than offering your price. Once a seller gives his price that is just the start of the negotiation. It means you can now give your offer until you can reach a certain amount that is agreeable to you. Negotiating requires much patience. Remember to put in mind your goal for negotiating so you can be patient enough to reach the price that you desire.


Getting familiar with the diamond’s properties can be helpful when you negotiate with the diamonds you desire to buy. Since you will know the availability and pricing of the diamonds. Checking on an online market can be a good way to have ideas on the prices of the diamonds you are looking for. Knowing the price makes it easier for you to negotiate with the price and you can tell if the price offered to you is already a good deal.

Be familiar with the 4cs

Since you will be buying diamonds and want to negotiate. Make sure that you are familiar with the basic properties of diamonds which are :
  • Colour: A diamond may appear colourless but they actually have colour grades. The colourless is the most expensive and rare among the diamond colour grades. It is rare however that’s why if you prefer a colourless one you can opt for nearly colourless since they are the best alternative to colourless ones.
  • Clarity: Clarity refers to the blemishes found on the diamonds which are called inclusion. The more inclusion the diamond has the lesser the value. Flawless diamonds are hard to find, however diamonds with very very slight inclusions can be good options too. Since their inclusions are not visible to the naked eye. As long as the inclusions don’t affect the diamonds too much then they are still ideal. Diamonds with too many inclusions can affect the durability of the diamond and may easily crack.
  • Cut: Diamonds that are cut excellently are ideal. When cutting diamonds the depth and the symmetry should be considered. Diamonds that are not appropriately cut can be chipped or cracked easily. You can get more ideas about diamond cuts when you check online jewellery stores. In that way, you can have more ideas on the proper symmetry of the diamond.
  • Carat: Determine how many carats you want for your diamond. Since diamonds are priced per carat then it will be wise to know the price so you know how much would you ask for during the negotiation. Prices of diamonds per carat and shape vary, so it will be wise to know about them before negotiating.
  • Be Firm: When negotiating, you must close an agreement with the price you are asking for. Salespeople are skilled when it comes to dealing so you have to stand on your ground and haggle with them. If you can't come to an agreement, then it’s fine to walk away.
Argyle pink diamonds are a rare and highly sought-after type of diamond known for their distinctive pink hue. Here are some key points about Argyle pink diamonds:
  • Origin: Argyle pink diamonds are primarily mined in the Argyle Diamond Mine, located in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. This mine has been the world's primary source of pink diamonds since their discovery in the late 20th century.
  • Color Variations: While the term "pink diamonds" is often used broadly, Argyle pink diamonds are renowned for their unique color variations. They can range from light pink to intense purplish-pink, and the Argyle mine has produced some of the world's most vivid and highly saturated pink diamonds.
  • Rarity: Argyle pink diamonds are among the rarest gemstones on Earth. Only a very small percentage of the diamonds mined at the Argyle Diamond Mine are pink, and even fewer display intense and desirable shades of pink. This rarity has contributed to their high value and demand.
  • Grading: Argyle pink diamonds are graded based on their color, intensity, and clarity, similar to other colored and colorless diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI) are among the reputable organizations that provide grading services for these diamonds.
  • Investment: Argyle pink diamonds have gained popularity as investments due to their rarity and increasing demand. Investors and collectors often view them as a store of value. The closing of the Argyle Diamond Mine in 2020 has further heightened their appeal as a limited resource.
  • Price: Argyle pink diamonds command premium prices, and the cost can vary significantly based on factors such as size, color intensity, and overall quality. Some extremely rare and large Argyle pink diamonds have sold for millions of dollars at auction.
  • Jewelry: These diamonds are often used in high-end jewelry pieces, including engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and more. Their unique color makes them a popular choice for those looking for distinctive and precious gemstone jewelry.
  • Ethical and Sustainable Mining: The Argyle Diamond Mine was known for its commitment to ethical and sustainable diamond mining practices, which included measures to minimize its environmental impact and support local communities. With the mine's closure, the supply of new Argyle pink diamonds has effectively ceased.
Now that you have an idea of how to negotiate like a boss in the diamond trading shop. Then you can now start, mastering the skills you need and get familiar with the properties of the diamond. So when you step into a store you already know how to start the negotiation and what to expect during the negotiation. Buying diamonds requires you to know if it is worth buying, since you will be paying a huge amount of money then it is wise to know how to buy it at a more affordable price. Learn the art of negotiating and you can use it not only in buying diamonds but can come in handy in other situations.