Many personal injury accidents may happen to you or someone you know. Common examples include slips and falls, auto accidents, and dog bites. Suppose you were injured as a result of one of these incidents. In that case, you must contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident to discuss your legal rights and options for compensation. Find out four of the most common types of accidents that call for the involvement of a Houston personal injury lawyer.

Car accident Houston personal injury lawyer

The most common types of accidents are vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, construction site accidents, and dog bites. Vehicle accidents typically involve car or truck collisions, and the aftermath can be catastrophic. Suppose you've been injured in an accident that was someone else's fault. In that case, you must contact a Houston personal injury lawyer, who can help you get the compensation you need to handle your medical bills and recover from your injuries."

Work injury accidents

If you've been injured at work, the law requires your employer to cover your medical bills and compensate you for any time you can't work. But what do you do if this is impossible due to the nature of the injury? That's when it may be time to seek a personal injury lawyer. And if your employer refuses to give you compensation, you can file a claim against them for negligence, a third-party claim, or a fake comp claim. Remember your employer owes you the right to protect you while at the workplace and is liable for any injury on you at the workplace.

Premises liability

Premises liability deals with accidents on property belonging to someone else. This includes everything from your landlord's properties to parking lot spots. These accidents can be caused by anything, including faulty equipment or poorly designed surfaces. Common types of premises injury include trips and falls, slips, and falls, contact with an object or person, or any other accident that occurs because something was inherently wrong with the property you were on. When you get injured at another person’s premises, contact a personal injury lawyer to assess your options.

Dog bite accidents

Dog bites can be severe injuries because the injuries are often intense, painful, and caused by bacteria. A doctor should always treat dog bites, but it is also possible to file a lawsuit against the dog owner if they were negligent or did not take appropriate precautions to prevent the attack. If you have suffered an injury because of a dog bite, please contact a Houston personal injury lawyer for further direction. But what will it cost you? A Houston personal attorney will charge you on a contingency basis. This is true for most states in the United States.


If you need a personal injury lawyer, contact an experienced Houston personal injury lawyer who can help you collect the evidence necessary to win your case. Don't suffer in silence. Claim your compensation today!