Escape rooms are thematic game rooms where players are locked in physically. The objective of the game is to escape the room within a given time (usually 60 minutes) by solving various puzzles and riddles in the room.

No matter which corner of the world you are in, chances are there is an escape room facility near you. So, if you are wondering where to start your escape journey from, here are some of the best escape rooms from all over the world-

1. The Vault (NETHERLANDS)

This game is offered by the escape brand Sherlocked.

Mission: Your team of high-profile thieves is on the mission to steal a mysterious artefact from a heavily guarded safe. Can you pull off the heist before the time runs out?

Price: €159 per team
Team size: 4-6 players
Requirements: English proficiency

Designed with high-intensity gameplay, this escape room has bagged several awards, including The Golden Lock-in Award, and also ranked 7th on the list of the Best Escape Rooms in the World by Top Escape Rooms Project.


Escape Boats offers this escape game, a brand based in Dublin. However, it has relocated to Grand Canal Dock due to the pandemic. This escape room is also available in virtual mode.

Plot – You are a captain of an old boat which was made 270 years ago, with a group of 5 passengers. The boat is damaged, and waves are getting higher, a safety boat has been dispatched from the coast, but you have to escape the boat within an hour.
Mission- As a boat captain, your mission is to rescue all the passengers trapped in an abandoned crippled boat. Your mission is to gather information, repair the boat and escape within an hour.
Team size – 2 – 6 players
Requirements- Players under the age of 18 must be accompanied by adults. This game requires a small level of physical actions and may not suit physically challenged ones.
Price – €17/player

3. Scooby-Doo And The Spooky Castle Adventure

Offered by Escapology, this escape room is available at multiple locations of the brand throughout the US. But the one at Fort Lauderdale is the best when it comes to high-intensity gameplay.

Plot – You and your group of friends head out in search of a secret dungeon in a haunted castle built-in 1837. The old history of this castle consists of war, murders, and curses of an old witch.
Mission- You are on a mission to discover a secret dungeon and a monster lab within the castle, where you realize that an evil creature is being created. Your team has to crack the mystery behind the person working on this creature and escape within an hour.
Team size – 3 – 5 players
Price - $56/room

4. Undercover alley- (MISSOURI)

Undercover alley is offered by Breakout Games in Missouri. All the experiences at this facility are private, which means you will not play with strangers.

Mission – As a detective on Breakout city PD, you have been undercover for months to investigate a crime organization. You have tracked the location of their sinister plot at the doomsday alley. Can you stop their plan of attack before it’s too late?
Players – 3 – 6
Price - $26/person

Undercover alley is the newest escape room by breakout games. They offer group discounts and gift vouchers on the brand website.

5. Murder at apt 404 (SOUTH KOREA)

This escape room is offered by the Seoul escape room. Murder at apt 404 is the first episode of season 1 of the series of escape rooms offered by Seoul escape room, which is located at Itaewon, Seoul.

Plot – You find yourself trapped in a strange apartment which is stained with blood all around. The last thing you remember is attending a party at your friend’s home. A few minutes later, you get an anonymous message saying that you will be arrested by cops soon as a suspected serial killer since you are trapped in the very crime scene. The audio message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.
Mission- As mentioned in the serial killer’s audio message, the cops will arrive in an hour. If you can't escape, then better be prepared to spend the rest of your life in prison!
Team size – 2-6 players.
Price – 24 USD/person


This escape room is offered by the KEY Escape challenge. It was stated as the new modern must-try attraction in Hongdae by TripAdvisor in 2021.

Plot- Your team of research students has set out to an old’s professor’s house. There is a secret room in the house that no one knows anything about. Recently that professor has gone missing, and the locals say that the secret room holds an answer for the bad incidents happening in the city.

Mission- Can you find the professor’s secret room and solve the secret held inside it?

Team size - 2-8 but 6 recommended.

Price – 24 USD/person

7. Murder at the mansion

Offered by Escape Hunt in Barcelona, this escape room is available as “print and play,” which allows you to play this game at home with a team of 3- 6 players.

Plot – A mass murder has taken place in your 250 years old family mansion. You, along with a team of investigators, set out to track down the evil gangster who was the mastermind of this heinous crime.
Mission – As the only heir to the family fortune, it's up to you and your group of detectives to solve the crime and bring justice!
Team size – 2 – 4 only
Age requirement- above 8 years.
Price- € 14.99/player

8. Lord Wickel Wood's Voodoo -

This escape room is offered by Claustrophilia in Hungary.

Plot - You and your team are kidnapped and locked in a 400-year-old secret dungeon of a witch beneath the oldest castle of the town. This secret dungeon was a hotspot of all satanic rituals, where people got killed.
Mission- Can you escape this horrific castle within an hour?
Team size- 2-5 players
Age requirement- above 8 years
Price- € 19.99/player

9. The Basement

Offered by a brand with the same name in Los Angeles, this game is known to be a high-intensity experience. Even the veterans have described it as challenging to solve in one go.

Plot - You are locked with your team in the basement of Edward R. Tandy. He is the greatest killer of all time in American history, and he also practices cannibalism!
Mission- Can you figure out the pattern in his past murder series and chalk out an escape plan?
Team size – 3-6 players
Duration- 45 minutes
Price - $40/player
Age requirement- above 12 years.


This escape room is offered by Breakout, situated in Kansas City. With a success rate of about 26%, this is an ideal experience for those who are looking for some serious challenge.

Plot - You are at the midwestern history museum that dates back to 1907. Suddenly things go haywire when the most prized document of the United States goes missing.
Mission - Your mission as a chief investigator of the FBI is to find the missing piece of American history and restore the security of the museum before it's too late!
Team size – 2- 8 players
Price - $32
Age requirement – above 8 years

Happy escaping! Are you ready to get thrilled at these escape rooms? Make sure to do your research and check the brand websites before booking your experience since most of them offer dynamic pricing and special offers.