There are a lot of costs associated with building a new ADU. However, some people are not always aware of all the different costs associated with the process. That's why we put together this quick article to remind you about the ADU cost you might have forgotten about.

The Design And Planning Stage

The design and planning stage encompasses more than most people realize. Yes, you need to hire someone to actually design your ADU, but there is a lot more that goes into that process than many people realize.

ADU Calculations

There are a number of calculations that need to be done to plan out your ADU. This includes things like engineer calculations and energy calculations. You will need to hire the appropriate professionals to make these calculations for you.

ADU Drawings

The architectural drawings need to be done by a professional to guarantee they come out correctly. These drawings include things like:
  • Section drawings
  • Interior and exterior detailing
  • Framing and utility plans
  • Interior and exterior elevations

ADU Surveys

You will need to do a land survey to determine the boundaries of your land in a lot of cases to ensure you are not building on your neighbour’s property or violating setback regulations. This is not always necessary, but a good thing to do if you are not sure. The last thing you want is to build your ADU and find out later that you need to tear it down.

Stormwater Plan

Not all ADUs require a stormwater plan, but some do. It is a good thing to have if you worry about sediment and erosion control. There are many resources available to you to help you build a stormwater plan, like this ADU eCourse.

Feasibility Report

A very important part of this stage of ADU development is the feasibility report. It is an assessment of the full ADU plan to determine whether or not it is doable. Without it, you could start to apply for permits and be denied. Worse, you could start to construct your ADU and realize it isn’t possible.

Can ADU add value to your home?

are popular because in many cases they add value to assets. However, how much value they add depends on the market, and the amount is difficult to calculate. The owner may not know ADUs whether ADU is a good investment before selling the property.

However, ADU adds value in other ways that should be considered. Elderly family members living in ADU may value the ability to live in their own homes rather than assisted living facilities. Or, young family members may prefer to live at home until they are more financially independent.

Does ADU need a kitchen?

The rules of ADU and the type of kitchen they need will depend on where you live. Please consult your local housing and community development management department. It is also a good idea to use a contractor who understands the local zoning rules and requirements of ADU.