profitable sectors

A start-up is a recently founded company characterized by a unique and scalable business model. Moreover, the goal of a start-up is to expand, compete with its established competitors and, eventually, conquer a large portion of the market.

That said, many start-ups fail, mainly because they choose to invest in sectors that won't be profitable. Therefore, it is essential to understand which business areas have the highest potential. In this article, we will analyze them together, hoping that they'll be helpful for future aspiring entrepreneurs.

High tech

Technically, each start-up could be considered an organization operating in the high-tech sector. An innovative business is generally labeled as a high-tech company. On the other hand, innovation is a vital feature of any start-up.

If instead, we refer to companies that decide to operate in the high-tech field, you'd better know that this might be the one with the highest potential of them all. Why? The answer is right under our noses. In recent decades, technological development has evolved continuously, and nothing suggests a decline in this trend. After all, technology is embedded in our daily life, and we'd hardly survive without it.

If you consider this, investing in the high-tech sector might be the safest choice as well. Imagining a future without technology is almost impossible, and high-tech is, therefore, the ideal candidate for a start-up.


A classic, but with much room for innovation. All over the world, fashion's presence is widely established. This sector's popularity has constantly been increasing, perhaps also because, over the years, it has overcome the obstacles that have emerged gradually and that could have compromised its success.

For example, think about all the disputes related to using materials that are harmful to the environment or the exploitation of human resources. Yet, over time, fashion has gradually become more and more sustainable, so much so that it has become a sort of trademark.

Not surprisingly, nowadays, it is pretty common to come across sustainable fashion brands or e-commerce that feature artisanal products. In particular, handcrafted jewelry selections are increasing their popularity, an element that is contributing to fashion's steady success.


"No pain, no gain". In this regard, Netflix's story is the perfect example of what we just mentioned. What is now a global leader in the digital distribution of films, television series and other entertainment content was born as a DVD rental company operating via post. An idea that today also seems relatively trivial but which has led Netflix to exceed 7 billion in turnover.

But it doesn't stop there because streaming services are only part of the reasons that make the entertainment sector one of the most attractive ones for entrepreneurs. Let's think, for example, of the explosion of gaming, especially in its online version.

To understand the value of this trend, it is not even necessary to mention global leaders in the sector. This market is full of smaller businesses that conquered a fair part of this business area over the years. It has been the result of work and dedication, ingredients at the base of the success of every start-up.