A wedding will most likely be the largest and most important party you have ever planned; therefore, it is important to be prepared. There are many things to put together like venue, dress, photographer, videographer, guests, menu, and the list goes on. But don't be scared because we have got you covered. Check our wedding planning resource guide to know how you can plan a perfect wedding.

Set your budget:

Setting a budget for your wedding is always the first and foremost step in planning. It may not be the most enjoyable aspect of the process, but it is a duty that must be performed because it sets the stage for the remainder of your wedding planning. The other thing is that you will never want to waste your time and energies on a venue, vendor, dress, or anything else to find out it's absolutely out of your price range. So please sit down and first figure out a total budget, then divide it by vendor or service.

Set the date:

Picking a wedding date is another crucial decision you'll undertake when planning your wedding. Not only is it the first thing everyone asks, but you'll be shocked at how hard it is to make any progress on your wedding plans without knowing your big day date.

Decide the tone for your occasion:
It is the moment to decide whether you want a traditional wedding, an informal gathering, or a themed event. Also, decide if you want a religious or non-religious wedding. In a nutshell, you must select how you want your event to feel.

Count your guests:

While you don't have to have a complete guest list until later in the planning process, finding an estimate of how many people will attend early on is critical when considering how to organize a wedding. There is a significant difference between a 100-person wedding and a 500-person wedding, especially when it comes to the variety of venue choices available to you. To that end, when you begin looking at wedding venues, figure out how many people you'll be hosting.

Book a venue:

Many venues are reserved mostly a year in advance, so decide on the type of venue you want as soon as possible. The number of guests you are planning to invite should assist you in narrowing it down.

Carefully select your style:

Consider your venue's existing d├ęcor when choosing a colour scheme, and choose two colours that you like. Gather images that complement your location and speak to you, then filter them down to a few reoccurring themes and concepts.

Get support:

Successful brides and grooms do not organize their weddings alone; they enlist the assistance of others. It might come from pros or reliable friends who have organized weddings themselves. Consider acquiring the services of a wedding planner or expert to assist you with your plans. For those overly busy, a professional can be useful in putting together your perfect day and can frequently save you money in the process.

Once you have made all the important decisions, you can proceed to the fun part like deciding dress, braids maids, page boys, flowers, music, etc.