Writing is a fantastic experience; it makes you bring out your deepest, most colourful side in front of the world. And with every passing day, we are experiencing a new realm full of possibilities, excitement, and wonders. The days when you needed to have your word cut out to bring your artistic writings to the limelight are gone; you can enjoy promoting your comments and earn a fortune from them. Now you have the opportunity to publish your work for free and get the appreciation and reward that you deserve.

If you carry that spark in you, all you need is an established audience that can relate to your work. Whether you scribble stories, blogs, self-help content, science fiction, or books, some platforms can make you reach the next level!

So let’s go! Here are some of the platforms you should consider being an aspiring beginner writer!


Answerly is a Q/A platform that allows users to earn crypto rewards for adding high-quality answers to different questions. It works on cryptocurrency; get your tips in fiat whenever you need it; you don't have to wait months and days to get your earned reward. The token is already available in coin market capital and Coin Gecko. Token name is Answerly (ANSR). Answerly is listed on many major exchange markets like Hobit, Probit Global, dex trade, eTorex, and Bkex. So, you can buy the token from any preferred exchange. ANSR tokens can be used to get instant transactions and can be used for purchasing pro membership and advertising on Answerly.

Users receive fixed rewards for posting questions, but rewards vary according to the user's level on the platform. So you need to up your game!


Facebook is a huge platform that's not only a social hub but has become a global marketplace where potential buyers are meeting talented writers. Web presence is vital for every writer in the modern world. Whether your writing niche is from fiction, poetry, scripts to nonfiction, you need social media to grow your career to its peak. To earn a fortune from your writings, it's always best to have a well-established audience to win the trust of agents and publishers because you already possess an audience that's willing to buy from you. Competition is rising every day, and we need to adapt novel unique strategies to stand out from the crowd.


A medium is a tool for people looking to publish content without getting mind-boggled by the complicated functioning of the websites; they're looking for ease of work. To build visibility, it's a simple easy to use platform that anyone can handle. Like its competitors, it has a huge list of active communities that can benefit users as they follow or join. The primary perk of using it would be personalized content which can be done by changing the layout applying themes. Its best suited for beginner writers who are new to the field.


It's not uncommon for writers to struggle with writing, have trouble getting started, or lose great ideas that last for a short time. In these cases, Svbtle is a unique platform that helps you capture ideas and process them until you are ready to implement them. The website claims that dashboards are designed to work like a brain. The writing interface is straightforward without the few tools found in most other website writing interfaces. Svbtle is a paid website with a 30-day trial period. However, they made a "dangerous promise" to keep all content posted on the site indefinitely. This can be a huge advantage for many authors.