Huawei chose to go with the typical, professional model split that we have checked already and so well working over aggregate product categories. The Watch 3 is the more low-cost model, whereas the Pro prices more but attaches to a couple of extra features.

Design and Dimensions:

  • Dimensions: 48 x 49.6 x 14mm / Weighting (excl. band): 63g
  • 22mm leather or metallic element quick-release band picks
  • Waterproof to 50m (5ATM rated)
  • Super titanium and ceramic body

The veritable hauwei watch 3 boasted a graceful design with circled glass arching seamlessly into a refined steel case on the look. The Watch 3 Pro is an entirely different beast. Yes, it is entirely circular, but everything else is thin lines and angles aside from that familiar case figure.

Everything features style bevelled edges from the glass lens to the bezel close to it, even the band lugs. It's beautiful, in a viciously sensible way. The metallic case does not glow with it either. It is created from titanium and so has that dull grey and swept look. Arguably it is the complete material for this model.

Display and Software:

  • Circular-shape 1.43-inch AMOLED screen display
  • 466 x 466 display resolution (326ppi)
  • HarmonyOS 2.0.0

Huawei's watch exhibits are superb, especially the AMOLED board on the Watch 3 Pro. It is vibrant and bright, with advanced contrast levels, which stands for its gentle to check in most alighting circumstances - even when outdoor. It even has fluent freshen rates to ensure that on-screen animations do not falter as previous Huawei models.

Physical Fitness and Health Tracking:

  • 100+ workout styles
  • 19 'pro' tracking alternatives
  • HR, SpO2, and temperature detection
  • The ultra-precise GNSS position sensor
  • Barometric pressure, compass, gyro, and accelerometer

Performance and Battery Life:

  • 5 day-long battery life
  • Wireless magnetized battery charger
  • WLAN, Bluetooth, and NFC
  • 16GB memory
  • 2GB RAM

In that respect, there is no traversing that battery life is expected the most boastful draw for the Watch 3 Pro. In spite of having that full-colour screen, a batch of characteristics, and all-day wellness tracking, it will yet create it through a week without requiring it to be reloaded.

Finding of fact:

The Huawei Watch 3 Pro is a concerning proposition. On the one hand, it is crafted comfortably from superior materials, is a bang-up physical fitness companion, and can go closely a week on a total charge. When you equate the platforms to Samsung/Google and Apple, it bobs up a bit curt on characteristics, which might make the cost tag a bit hard to swallow. In addition to that stated, there are not many smartwatches out there that can outlive the Huawei Watch 3 Pro on a fully charged, and a couple of that give you as is profundity and body of data as you utilize them to track running or additional exercise sittings. In some respects, it ranges the world between Garmin and Samsung, proposing something mediate a fusion of physical fitness and way, which is not a prominent place to be at all.