Clip-in Hair Extensions

Hair extensions aren't just for rock stars and wealthy socialites anymore. In today's society, many women seek a more glamorous appearance and a simple, time-saving style as they rush out the door each morning. Hair weaves and extensions offer them that look and feel fabulous in the process.

While an entire world of hair weaves and extensions is available to women, one of the most common hair extensions perth in type, which can be worn with minimal fuss and virtually no maintenance.

These Clip-in Pieces Offer a Fun Way to Experience Longer Locks

These extensions are perfect for anyone who wants to add volume and length to their look without worrying about styling. It can be worn with or without heat styling at any length. The best part of the clip in pieces? You can have long, gorgeous locks in just five minutes.

Just pick your color, clip them on, and you're ready to go.

Attaching Clip-In Hair Extensions

First, you need to prepare your hair before attaching any clip-ins by shampooing and conditioning it thoroughly. That way, your hair can rest and recover from any damage or dryness after your locks are extended.

Again, hair extensions with clip-in options are easy to wear. If it becomes dirty, rinse it in warm water with a mild shampoo. After, lay it flat to dry. Many stylists recommend using a brush with softer bristles for extensions, which helps avoid snagging the hair and damaging your investment.

Next, you'll want to ensure any tangles are brushed out of the hair before clipping in extensions. It's much more complicated (and more painful) to try and work with tangled tresses under there. Then attach each piece one at a time by clamping the ends into place near the root line.

Once all of your hair extensions have been attached and styled to your liking, you'll want to take a few moments to check each piece once more just in case there were any that were not secure enough or had fallen out during wear - do this by gently tugging at each section of hair and making sure it's firmly attached.

Then, brush over the entire head one last time before re-pinning up any loose strands and/or stray flyaway hairs.

Top Benefits of Clip-in Hair Extensions

  • No special maintenance or styling - just attach them when you're ready for a glamorous look that lasts all day long
  • You can wear extensions during all seasons; attaching only takes five minutes.
  • It's generally less expensive than custom weaves and extensions
  • No special tools or skills are needed, meaning it's perfect for everyone from beginners to experts

Wrapping Up

If you can, sleeping with your hair extensions turned under a ponytail is a good idea. This will not cause tresses and will help it blend more easily with your natural locks when you take it down in the morning, but it also helps reinforce its hold on your scalp and prevents any mishaps that might occur during the night, such as snagging, ripping out, or even slipping out of place.