Door without Key Easily
Do you have the same situation that you’ve been unlocked out of the house before? Have you locked your things in a cabinet? With a little luck and skill, most ordinary pin locks can be opened, so before asking the locksmith to use their Locksmith Tools to help you, try the following methods to help you successfully pick the lock.

Method One - use a thin wire to unlock the door
First you need to find a few iron wires, and then mix the iron wires into a cross shape. Insert the iron wire into the keyhole, and shake the iron wire up and down until the lock is unlocked.

Method Two - Open the lock with a paperclip

Prepare a few paper clips, first take out a paper clip and bend it like a lock picking tool. Method: Straighten the large circle of the paperclip twice to straighten the straightened part. Take out another paperclip and straighten it to make a torque wrench. Method: 1. Bend one end 90 degrees 2. Straighten both ends until it becomes two side-by-side iron wires, and press the bent place to make a 90-degree turn of about 1cm. Insert the torque wrench into the bottom of the lock hole and apply rotating pressure to one side. Do not apply too much pressure, just a little bit. If you know the direction in which the key turns, turn the key in that direction. If you don’t know, try both sides separately, and you have a half chance of success; if you feel keen, you can feel the direction of unlocking through the direction of rotation.

Turn clockwise first, and then try counterclockwise. The resistance will be lower when the direction is rotated. Keep applying pressure on the torque wrench, insert the paperclip of the lock picker into the upper keyhole, and start to "find the position". This part is to insert the lock picking tool into the bottom of the lock hole, stick to the top, and quickly pull it out to try the internal structure of the lock. Repeat several times to move some of the bolts inside. Keep the wrench pressure and try to find the position of the bolt with the lock pick pin. Most American-made locks have at least 5 bolts, and you need to try them all before you can unlock them. Test the positions of the plugs one by one from the inside and press them down. When doing it, remember to keep the wrench pressure, press the bolt to the unlocked position, you will feel a slight elasticity, and even hear a slight click. Experienced lock pickers can do it briskly at one time, while novices need to slowly try out all the bolts. Use a wrench to add more and more pressure. Every time you hit the bolt, shake the lock pick pin until the bolt opens. When you hear a click, remember to turn the wrench around to unlock. Then the lock is opened.

Method Three – Unlock a door with a wrench

Prepare two wrenches and place them on the lock so that the two wrenches are against each other. Hold the handle of the wrench with both hands and clamp the lock firmly. Then the lock opened with a bang.

Method Four - Unlock the door with card
If you have a card and a lock in your home, you can draw the key compared to the card, and then cut it with scissors, or try to unlock it. When choosing a card, you must not choose a card that is too thin, but a card of appropriate thickness.

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