Even if the privatisation of every industry is at its peak, the craze for government jobs among youngsters has never shed off. Every year, lakhs of youngsters register for various government exams in the hopes of securing a job that will provide them with a stable future. We are all aware of the privileges and benefits that come with government jobs, which makes it a popular career choice among the youth. Only a small percentage of the candidates who prepare for these exams make the cut. A majority of candidates wonder what it takes to crack the government exam in one fell swoop. We have written this article especially for candidates who have set their intention to appear in upcoming government exams. 

If you are amongst them, then read this article gingerly.

Usually, when candidates start preparing for the exam, they come across a lot of misconceptions. Some believe that it is important to sacrifice sleep and study for long hours. Well, this is not true. It is important to dedicate quality hours for exam preparation. For better preparation, you can join a brilliant coaching institute. Do you want to clear the bank exam? If yes, then join a marvellous institute that can provide bank coaching in Chandigarh. However, make sure you are putting your efforts in the right direction while preparing for government exams. You can adhere to the tips and tricks mentioned in this article while preparing for exams.

Here, we are providing you with some excellent tricks to get through government exams:

Hefty salary and a plethora of privileges captivate youngsters and persuade them to secure a government job. To grab a government job, you need to burn the midnight oil. Also, you need to use some smart tactics for exam preparation.

Research about exam

The first and foremost step is to have complete knowledge of the exam. You can use the following sources to get information on the government exam:
  • Official website of exam conducting bodies.
  • Read the blogs regarding government jobs.
  • Download apps on your phone that give you the latest updates on government jobs. Some of the apps are Sarkari Naukari, All government jobs, Employment news and Rojgar Yojana.
  • You can read the official notification keenly.
After getting the information about the exam, you’ll get to know whether you are eligible to appear for the exam or not. Also, check the job position for which you are going to give the exam. Don’t forget to see the exam syllabus as well. This information can actually help you to make a proper study routine for exam preparation.

Craft a good exam strategy

After you finish collecting the latest updates of the exam, now it’s time to make a fruitful strategy. Note that your exam strategy must include all the subjects of the exam. So, make a timetable by giving equal importance to every subject of the exam. Also, consider the time you invest in daily chores like bathing, sleeping and eating. It is advisable to design a flexible timetable so that you can make changes to it whenever possible. Note that just making a timetable is not enough. You need to follow it staunchly.

Keep yourself updated with current affairs
Current affairs play a significant role in every government exam. Thus, it is important to keep yourself updated with current affairs. There are several ways through which you can retain current affairs in your head.

You can read a newspaper daily.

Download a current affair app on your smartphone. Some of the best apps are Current affairs, In Shorts, Testbook and Quora. The best part of these apps is that you’ll get daily quizzes on current affairs. Thus, you can polish your knowledge of current affairs by answering the questions on the quiz.
Follow a monthly magazine of current affairs.
Watch a reliable news channel daily.

Use tricks for memorizing concepts

There are a number of different techniques that can help you in memorising the topics you need to memorise for the exam. Transforming words to images can help your mind remember knowledge for extended periods of time. To assist yourself remember things better, you can use mnemonics, rhymes, transform words into pictures and use pictorial storage to recall names. Also, you can assign certain colours to key points in the chapter. This is the best way through which you can retain the vast syllabus of the government exams.

Make proper notes

It is essential to make notes of every subject when you start preparing for the government exams. When you start writing notes, it becomes really easy to understand and retain the topic. Make sure you write your notes in simple language. Also, highlight the important terms and definitions in your notes. Your notes can offer you great help when you will sit to revise for the exam.

Solve previous year question papers

Previous year papers are the true reflection of the actual exam. So, make sure you go through maximum previous year papers while preparing for the exam. You can have a clear idea of the type of questions asked in the exam. Also, you will get to know about the frequently asked questions in the exam. It is advisable to solve previous year question papers. For sure it can aid in improving your speed and accuracy for solving questions.

Additionally, you can attempt online mock tests just to simulate the experience of the actual exam. Solving maximum mock tests can save you from negative markings in the exam.

Give equal importance to all stages of the exam

To secure a government job, you need to sail through various stages of the government exam. Many candidates focus only on the first stage of the exam. Well, this is not an appropriate way to prepare for an exam. From written tests to personal interviews, prepare yourself for every stage of the exam. Therefore, prepare a timetable that can help you to study for all the stages of the government exam. You can seek help from a reputable source. Are you planning to appear for the upcoming SSC exam? If yes, then it is advisable to enrol yourself in a brilliant institute that can provide SSC coaching in Chandigarh.


You can follow the above-written points to ace government exam preparation. Also, remember that the key to success is optimism. Maintaining a positive attitude while studying will provide you with the motivation you need to stay on track with your studies. Losing hope and being a pessimist will only make it more difficult for you to succeed. If you want to achieve, you must maintain hope even in the face of adversity and keep moving forward.