Say goodbye to dingy dorm rooms and shared bathrooms and hello to your first apartment. As a college student, it is exciting to get the keys to your first apartment with friends. But moving into an apartment isn’t as easy as moving into a college dorm. Most dorms don’t have kitchens, living rooms, or bathrooms so you might not have any of the essentials you need for an apartment. Moving into a new place can be tough, so here is a breakdown of the essentials you will need in each room of your new apartment.


Moving into your new bedroom is probably the easiest part of moving into your first apartment. Since most dorm rooms only have enough room for a bed and a closet, you will probably already have a lot of the essentials for your new bedroom. You’ll want to make sure you have sheets, pillows, blankets, and everything for your bed. If you are moving into an unfurnished apartment, picking up furniture for your bedroom is crucial to creating a great living space. Bedroom essentials include a bed frame, mattress, and bedside table. If you have a lot of clothing you’ll want to invest in a dresser. It's also a great idea to get a nice desk while you're still in school. Having a workspace in your room will help you focus on your schoolwork and give you a place to go when you need a little escape from your roommates. Depending on your living situation, your bedroom is most likely going to be the only room in your apartment that is solely yours. So enjoy making it your own!

2. Kitchen Essentials

It's hard to find time to cook while in college, cue the late-night ramen. When you move into your first apartment one of the biggest changes will be having a kitchen. Outfitting a kitchen in a new apartment is more than just having one place setting for yourself. Since it’s a shared space, you can split some of the cost of kitchen items amongst you and your roommates, making it a little easier to get everything you need. Some essentials for your kitchen include pots and pans, silverware, and a set of plates and glasses. You'll also need cleaning supplies. For more ideas on how to outfit your kitchen, check out this extensive list of kitchen essentials.

3. Bathroom Needs

Unlike college dorms with communal bathrooms that were cleaned regularly, you'll need to take care of the bathrooms in your apartment yourself. You’ll need a shower curtain, bath mat, and soap to cover the basics. Make sure you also invest in cleaning products for your shower, sink, and toilet, especially if you are sharing with a roommate.

4. Living Room Furniture

Your new living room is the place where you and your friends can all hang out. The furniture in your living room can be pieced together by you and your roommates. Whether that be finding free couches or an extra coffee table from your parents' house, you can customize your living room to fit the needs of you and your roommates. One tip is to make sure you find enough lighting for your living room. Try getting some floor lamps for corners or extra desk lamps for side tables to make the space cosy.

5. Decorations

Unlike dorms that have strict rules on what you can and can’t put on the walls, you can now add any decoration you like to your apartment. Consider adding plants to areas with window lighting to brighten up your space. You can also try growing fresh herbs in your kitchen. Now is the time to express your style with art and photos on the walls. You can get inspiration from Pinterest boards or some of your favourite celebrities to see what kind of interior styles you like. There are plenty of budget-friendly decor options out there if you are strapped for cash that will help make your new apartment look exactly the way you want it.


Moving into your first apartment in college is a huge step in your adult life. It’s never easy to move, and it's nearly impossible to know exactly what you will need in your first apartment until you walk through the door. Hopefully, looking at apartment essentials room by room gives you a good idea of what you will need to make your new apartment home. We know college students are on a budget, but it's always a good idea to consider investing in great kitchen essentials so you can take them with you in your next move. Most importantly, have fun living in your new home!