Initial necklaces are back in style and you're likely to see them all over the place this fall and winter. Whether you want one for yourself or you're looking for the perfect gift for a friend, it's worth checking out some of the popular brands to see if you can find one you love. Purchasing jewellery is just the first step though, you'll also need to learn what to wear with your necklace to make the most of it. If you're planning on rocking an initial necklace, read on to learn more about what classy looks you can pair with yours.

What classy styles go with an initial necklace?

Initial necklaces have become one of the most popular jewellery trends this fall, but it's important that you know what styles to wear to complement them. What to wear with your letter necklace depends a lot on where you going and what the occasion is. You should also think about your general fashion sense and what outfits you like to wear when deciding what style of initial necklace you want to purchase.

When wearing something understated, you may want to opt for a necklace that makes more of a statement. You can wear something sparkly or flashy with a simple cashmere sweater and a clean pair of high-waisted linen pants for a modern work-appropriate outfit that stands out without being over the top. You can also go with a gold or silver initial pendant for a more toned-down alternative. Traditionally, gold jewellery looks better with neutral and beige tones, whereas winter colours like greys and blues are better paired with sterling silver. However, mixed metal jewelry is also becoming a fashion trend, so feel free to experiment if you want to.

If your outfit is meant to be the star of the show, especially if it has bold colours or loud patterns, you may want to opt for an initial necklace, rather than something with a lot of gemstones that may take away from the rest of your look. An initial necklace is a perfect way to add a little bit of personalized glamour to your next special occasion.

What other fall accessories should you shop for?

Jewellery is only the first part of putting together your fall fashion wardrobe. With so many fun and interesting new trends, you should definitely pick up some new accessories to take your outfits to the next level. One great place to start is to make sure the gear you'll need to keep you warm also helps show off your style. Look for gloves and hats with unique patterns that match some of your favourite clothes.

Masks have become a part of day-to-day life in many parts of the world, and it seems likely that they will continue to be required in many places through the winter. Why not turn your face mask into a stylish accessory? You can find mask chains that function like necklaces and brightly coloured headbands with buttons to secure your mask loops. Though you need your mask for safety and protection, there's no harm in finding one that looks good too.

Learning how to pair jewellery with the right clothing can take time and a little practice, but it's easy to learn if you do a little research. Accessories can also be the perfect way to accentuate both your outfit and your initial necklace. Look for bracelets, rings, and cold weather essentials that highlight your letter necklace and pull your whole outfit together. Investing a little extra time when thinking about fashion and style this fall will be well worth it when you show up dressed to impress at your next holiday party.