Are you a full-time working professional in a private company? If yes, then you must be breaking your back just to earn peanuts. It is rare that any private employee is happy with his/her job. Well, the main reason for their unhappiness is little salary and job insecurity. No doubt, everyone craves job security and a handsome salary. We all know that the government sector is one such sector in India that can give you job stability, a hefty salary along a myriad of privileges. Most youngsters shun their dream to secure a lucrative government job only because they are stuck in their 9 to 5 private jobs. Here's good news for all of you. There is a possibility of cracking a government exam while working in a private firm. You just need to follow a fruitful study plan to prepare for the exam.

Whether you are working or non-working, grabbing a government job is not that easy. Sheer dedication and persistent hard work are two important things that can help you secure a desirable government job. Are you an employee in the private sector and wish to work in a public bank? If yes, then start preparing for a bank exam. It is a bit hard to prepare for the bank exam on your own. So, seek help from a reliable source that can provide you excellent bank coaching in Laxmi Nagar. This article is graced with some tips and tricks that can offer you great help to prepare for upcoming competitive exams.

In between the packed schedule, every working professional can use the following tips to study efficiently for competitive exams:

It is imperative to inculcate smart thinking if you want to prepare for a competitive exam like Principles of Supervision DSST along with a job. Note that nothing is impossible if you have the zeal to do something. For sure you can prepare efficiently for the exam by adhering to the following tips staunchly.

1. Rise early in the morning

Generally, the working hours of every private firm are 10 am to 7 pm. It is quite obvious that you will feel tired after returning from work and it can become a bit hard to study. Therefore, it is better to use the hours of early morning effectively. We would advise you to wake up at 5:30 am. You will have approximately 3 hours in the morning to study for the exam. Note that 3 hours are enough to cover a topic of a difficult subject. Thus, you can prefer to prepare for quants or reasoning ability during early morning hours. Keep the evening hours for easy subjects. This is how you can use your time optimally while preparing for exams.

2. Use your travelling time effectively

Does it take 30 or more minutes to travel to your workplace? If yes, then try to use this time for reviewing the concepts you studied during early morning hours. For example: If you have learned new short tricks to solve the questions of quants or reasoning then use your travelling time to go through those short tricks. Also, you can choose to go through some grammar rules of English. There are various video lectures on youtube as well. Watch these videos travelling time to have a thorough understanding of concepts.

3. Inculcate the habit of reading newspaper

You can’t ignore current affairs if you have made up your mind to crack the competitive exam. It is mandatory to read a newspaper daily to retain the daily current affairs. If reading a newspaper is boring for you, then use a better alternative. You can choose to download an app on your smartphone or you can follow a monthly magazine. The best part of the current affairs app is that you can solve quizzes of current affairs daily. Solving quizzes can actually retain current affairs in your head permanently.

4. Weekends are boon for you

Some private companies give off on Saturdays and Sundays. You can use your weekend optimally to study efficiently for exams. It is advisable to not make any plans with your friends during the weekend. Instead, use your time efficiently to prepare for the exam. Learn your concepts in such a way that there’s no need to revise the concepts again and again. This is how you can prepare yourself to appear in the upcoming competitive exams.

5. Search for an online mentoring group

Because you will be unable to attend classes on a regular basis, you might consider online mentoring. Thus, you don't actually need to travel to a classroom to learn nowadays. Thanks to technological advancements and widespread internet access. Thus, your personal computer can be used as a classroom. There are a plethora of websites that provide online coaching and mentoring services. Aside from that, there are many groups of government exam candidates on social media where you may engage in conversations and have your questions answered.

6. Attend weekend coaching classes

Many candidates don’t find online classes useful. They prefer to attend offline classes. As you have off only on weekends, choose to join a coaching institute that can provide coaching classes every weekend. Note that an ideal coaching institute can help you to clear your doubts and queries. Also, you can complete your exam under their guidance. However, don’t join a coaching institute blindly. Do proper research before entering a coaching institute.

7. Start preparation as early as possible

Normally it takes 3 months for a non-working student to prepare for exams. As a working professional, you will have a tight schedule, you may need 5-6 months to complete the exam syllabus. The biggest benefit of starting preparation early is that you can complete the exam syllabus on time. Therefore, you will have sufficient time in the end to revise every topic of the exam.

8. Spare time to attempt online mock tests

Just like salt is necessary to add while cooking vegetables. Solving mock tests is important while preparing for competitive exams. When you return from the office, make sure you attempt one mock test in a day. It can aid in improving your speed and accuracy in solving questions. Also, you can save yourself from negative marking in the competitive exam. There are many websites that can provide you with mock tests for free.

If you are planning to prepare for the exam under the guidance of a coaching institute, then let us tell you that coaching institutes also conduct weekly mock tests. So, for which exam are you preparing? If it's the SSC exam, then choose to join a leading institute that can provide SSC coaching in Laxmi Nagar.


We hope the above tips can help you to schedule your study to prepare for competitive exams. If you are a full-time working employee, then prefer to follow the above tips.