Amanotes Musical Gaming
Amanotes is a trending app publisher with billions of download records. They already have published musical games like Color Hop 3D, Dancing Road, Tiles Hop EDM, Hop Ball 3D, Clash Gang, Beat Jumper, Beat Roller, Dunk and Beat, Tiles Hop and last but not least the most popular Magic Tiles 3.

Every single gaming app published by Amanotes is very popular including the Musical game Magic Tiles 3. This game is very popular as it is designed in collaboration with some trending songs like 2 Phút Hơn, The Caterpillar and with TheFatRat. As an in-game performance, users began to feel a huge attraction on those tracks.

Amanotes is introducing those trending songs in Magic Tiles 3, notably “2 Phút Hơn”. Those are also very popular because of TikTok's dancing trend. Typical avid listener using TikTok's most recent hits who knew about this Vietnamese song.

That song took the internet once by a Storm. Amanotes collaborated with Pháo's song "2 Phút Hơn" officially available not only in the Magic Tiles 3 but also in their other app games to play. Magic Tiles 3 is an energetic musical game with its extremely catchy music hook that earned over 3.2 million Shazams in the global Shazam's place.

Just two months after the official release, the song by famous singer Pháo got 12.6 million streams on Spotify. "2 Phút Hơn" became Vietnam's most-streamed song then and also got 100 million views on YouTube So far.

Another never stopped heat on Amanotes is the FatRat collection in their Magic Tiles 3. That album section was featured on in-game level effects. There are a collection of fully licensed and hottest FatRat songs like Unity, No No No, The Calling etc, which made the Magic Tiles 3 more attractive and enjoyable to EDM lovers. The European DJ’s music ranges to trap and melodic glitch-hop video gaming-influenced.

Silver Nguyen, who is the Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Amanotes, has shared their vision on breaking through in the music landscape. They are introducing a vibrantly few new gaming features and their collaboration with many other global artists.

Amanotes is very ambitious to spread these amazing tunes worldwide and make opportunities for more people to enjoy such music for free. And last but not the least, a fabulous musical collaboration with Carl Cox releases an exclusive track in Magic Tiles 3. Amanotes unveiled DJ CarlCox's new track “The Caterpillar” available to play as an upgraded mobile gaming experience.

The CPO and Co-Founder of Amanotes admit to sharing a unique gaming experience with the sensational rhythm of house jam. Amanotes enrols regular up-gradation with new technology to experience music in different ways. They are also interested in creating connections with artists and music lovers thoroughly.

Music is always a major part of Amanotes and they are ambitious in enhancing their in-app experience through their collaboration. Their partnership for collaboration is a big part of musical integration. Silver Nguyen also stated their high ambition for bringing the best interactive experience available on both IOS and Android for music lovers worldwide.

Some Details About Amanotes

Amanotes, as a popular app publisher, holds a deep connection with music that is beyond description. Amanotes collaborates with music across all the games they publish. The very first music by amanoters was Harla, a brand new track that marked the debut of a US record by BeeBB. Amanotes collaborate with music to bring a positive message to the soul. And during the covid-19 pandemic, it worked out enormously to connect people with their intrinsic soul.