Being Amanda Du Pont's husband must be so hard right now. Imagine your wife going through such turmoil and there is very little that you can do about it to help the situation. He must be feeling really helpless at this point.

What we thought was just one of those normal days in South Africa turned out to be something very unexpected. After the very much anticipated interview of Jub Jub in the mac G's podcast, it looks like it opened a lot of old wounds. Amanda du Pont after having watched the interview or seen the snippets, she came out and revealed some really shocking news.

South Africans Are Cancelling Jub Jub Following Amanda Du-Point accusation

Amanda exposed Jub Jub for Raping her for two years, it did not only end there, he used to assault and abuse her emotionally as well.
'I was raped by Jub Jub for 2 Years' Amanda Du Pont accuses JubJub of allegedly raping and Physically abusing her

The actress has been trending since she posted the video and her husband took it to Instagram to publicly swear at Jub Jub. See what he said