Amanda Du Pont is a social media darling and she is loved by a lot of people mainly because of how well she is conducting herself mostly on Social Media.

Amanda Du Pont accuses JubJub of allegedly raping

She is popularly known as Lelo on South Africa's most beloved soap opera Skeem Sam and she is now crafting her own legacy on Netflix and other top brands.

JubJub on the other hand in his recent interview with MacG revealed a lot of things and one of them was that he was once involved in a relationship with Amanda Du Pont.

Amanda did not take this likely and she took to Twitter and Instagram to say the following statement "My side- I was raped and physically abused by Jub Jub. The only thing I did wrong was kept quiet. That ends here. GBV is absolutely unacceptable!! I will not be publicly ridiculed by a criminal! Rape is not smashing!! Time we deal with this demon".

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