Amanda Du-Point

Our updates is about Jub Jub and the interview he had with MacG as well as allegations that were made by Amanda. Let's follow up on that:

Following the recent allegations that are emerging against Jub Jub, South Africans are very angry and they want him to be charged for this alleged crime.

Jub Jub made explosive claims about Kelly Khumalo and mention Amanda Du Pont

Jub Jub had an interview with MacG several days ago and in that interview, he disclosed that he dated Amanda.

Today Amanda Du-Point came out to correct that narrative, she says:

"Jub Jub did not just abuse her when they had that relationship, he also raped her and promised to kill her on numerous occasions."

Now it seems like Jub Jub will be in trouble considering that there were allegations that he abused Kelly Khumalo, actually, he was also beating Kelly Khumalo based on allegations that are made on social media.

Not only that, but how he left kids crippled and how he killed some kids in Soweto during his drunk and driving is now becoming an issue.

'I was raped by Jub Jub for 2 Years' Amanda Du Pont accuses JubJub of allegedly raping and Physically abusing her

People are saying that Jub Jub must be off the screens of the TV because he is not a role model to society. Jub Jub went to MacG to criticize Kelly Khumalo but it seems like he only caused trouble for himself, he could be unemployed as of tomorrow since gender-based violence is a serious issue in our country.

We will see how Moja Love and his other connections will handle this going forward, as it stands people want him to be of the game.

That will be all from my side, please remember to comment down below and let us know your take regarding this.