Kids Bedroom

Every family has a different size home based on their needs and financial capabilities. You may have a large home with several bedrooms, other rooms plus a backyard and other spaces. But you can still have low space problems if you don't design it properly. In order to save floor space, you can get convertible furniture items like a chair-cum-sofa, a bunk bed, a mirror cum closet, a loft bed with a desk and much more.

When you buy a new house or build it, you must know the amount of space you will get in each room. Because you can design it well only when you have complete information about its size and dimensions. The bunk beds are great space savers and they also add fun to the kids' routine life. Therefore you should include a bunk bed and study table in your bucket list for designing your children's room.

5 Cool Ideas to Save Space in Your Kids Bedroom

The kids' bedroom is filled with toys, paintings, clothes, study books, comics and much more. You have to manage everything in a limited space room still save some space where your kids can walk within the room. It can be a challenging task if you have a really small room for your children. Irrespective of your kids' room size, we have some really cool ideas that can save a lot of space still add some beauty to your kids' bedroom.

#1. In-Wall Storage:

The freestanding closet takes up so much floor space but the in-wall closet is a space saver. You must add a closet where your kids can store their clothes and necessary stuff. You may also need large storage space for toys and we recommend storing your kids' toys in the basement or creating in-wall storage for toys too.

The in-wall closet is safe as the kids cannot pull or push it when they are playing alone. The next benefit is that the in-wall closet does not take up much of the floor space as a large portion of the closet is in the wall. You should add sliding doors to make the closet easy to open & close and prevent the doors from creating a barrier when it is open.

#2. Foldable Chairs and Desk:

The little kids walk and play on the floor only. However, the kids need a desk and chairs as they grow older. When your kids are going to school, they need a study desk at home too. With a small room for kids, you cannot add a regular desk with chairs that remain in the same position all the time. We recommend you buy a set of foldable desks and chairs for your kids.

There are many furniture brands that make foldable dining tables, study desks and chairs for kids and adults. You should check the available options and choose the foldable study desk with chairs that are high quality and safe to use for kids. The best feature of foldable desks and chairs is that you can fold them up when you don't need them and open them when you need them again.

#3. Bunk Bed for Kids:

The single beds for kids are space eaters, they take up half of the room space if you add two single beds to your kids' bedroom. Moreover, the regular beds don't provide any stairs, storage or slide that can provide fun to your kids. That's we recommend you get a bunk bed for kids to save the floor space and add some excitement to your kids' life. If you have two kids then get a double bunk bed otherwise get a triple bunk bed to allow one more kid to sleep on it.

The triple bunk beds are made in various designs including triple-decker bunk beds, 1 full over 2 twin bunk beds, 2 twins over 1 full bunk bed and others. You can also get the best triple bunk bed with all twin beds or all full-size beds depending upon your need. The one full over two twin triple bunk bed and two twins over one full triple bunk bed can accommodate up to four kids at once.

#4. Hanging Lights:

The kids are fond of colourful decorating lights, so you should add some lights to your kids' bedroom too. However, the table lights and freestanding lights occupy the floor space. On the other hand, hanging lights don't need any space. You can buy a variety of hanging lights and hang them on the ceiling in your children's room. The lighting will attract your kids' attention when they lie on their bunk bed and look at the ceiling.

#5. Large World Map:

The kids don't like plain walls or we can say that kids love walls with designs and cartoons or quotes etc. We have an idea, you should add a large world map poster on your kids' bedroom wall. It can be educational and attract your kids' attention when they are in their room. Moreover, the kids can learn about the location of various countries on map and play map quiz games with each other.

The world map poster does not take up any floor space, it requires an empty wall that you already have in your child's room. If your kids are going to school every day, you can improve their knowledge about maps, locations, country names and relevant details about the geography of the world. So, it can add fun and learn together to your kids' life.

Wrapping Up:

When your children have a limited space room, you need to apply some unique ideas to design and decorate it. We have suggested five cool ideas to save space in your kids' bedroom still give it an attractive appearance to grab the attention of your kids and their friends.